I have got to start this post by saying a huge, massive, gigantic thank you to everyone that listened to episode one of the Life Bath Podcast. It was truly overwhelming to receive all your message and tweets and thank you so much for so many listens and shares

This week I am joined by Nyomi from the blog Nomipalony. Nyomi she is a feminist family blogger and if you are not following her on Instagram then you really have to as she is hilarious and so real. I chat with Nyomi all about her parenting journey, why she is passionate about feminism, her fight for equality and why it's absolutely fine to have a hairy pit. 

I love watching Nyomi on Instagram, her honesty is so refreshing and she makes me want to be more passionate about certain subjects. Her blog covers a wide range of topics mainly focused on parenting, feminism and equality and is incredibly informative and a great hub for parents seeking honest advice. Nyomi talks all about her breastfeeding journey in our chat and how she overcame the problems with breastfeeding and lack of advice when breastfeeding her first baby by researching as much as she could herself.

Even though I don’t have kids I love listening to people’s journeys through it all and Nyomi really is inspiring I love how passionate she is about equality and raising her two little feminists. Once you have listened please get in touch on Twitter or Instagram using #thelifebathpodcast

Thank you to our fantastic sponsor The Relish Coffee Company and Relish café in Whitely Bay. if you haven’t been in yet and you find yourself near, you have got to stop in for a coffee. They roast their own coffee beans and you can purchase the beans in the coffee shop or online. Their coffee is my new go to morning coffee and it’s the only thing that wakes me up. You can purchase the coffee on their website.

I have just hit the button...episode ONE of The Life Bath Podcast is now live. There is no going back now. I have said this many times but thank you so much for all your support while I have been creating this. As it is the first episode I thought I would let you know what you can expect in the coming weeks, there will be a brand new podcast every other week so you will get two a month to listen to and enjoy. They will be released every other Sunday at 7pm just in time for your Sunday chill time or the Monday morning commute. Right, let's tell you a bit about my first guest...

Chloe McGuirk is the creator of popular North East Travel and Lifestyle blog New Girl in Toon, and I can proudly say she is also a good friend of mine. Chloe and I met through blogging and I have been inspired by her ever since I first read her blog. I could not think of a better first guest to have on the podcast. With her 5k strong Instagram following and North East based blog, Chloe is the go-to person for all that is good to see in the North East of England.

Chloe's days out, hotel and restaurant reviews, and general adventures are what keep people flocking back to her website, but I sat down with Chloe and talked about her life: from losing 3 stone, finding love at Weight Watchers and moving to the other side of the country, to how she deals with life in general, and when things get hard. 

"I See myself as inspiring people instead of influencing them, I think it is a much nicer word"

I had so much fun with Chloe recording this episode so I hope you enjoy it just as much. Please get in touch on Twitter or Instagram using #thelifebathpodcast

Blog Post to Read from New Girl in Toon


Where to find New Girl in Toon


I also want to mention that The Life Bath Podcast has a sponsor, doesn’t that sound all professional and grown up? The Relish Coffee Company and Relish Café in Whitley Bay have kindly sponsored series one and I am over the moon as it has been my favourite place to go for coffee for a long time now. They sell coffee grounds you can use at home and it is all roasted in-house, they are dog-friendly and it is a great place to go after a walk on the beach. You can purchase the coffee on their website as well.

It is here, it's finally a thing an actual thing! The Life Bath podcast has been born, and I use the phrase born as it really is my baby. I have watched my lovely husband record, edit and produce the amazing Gonarch's Lair podcast and I thought, "I want to get myself one of those", and while we were walking the dog a few months ago, the idea for The Life Bath podcast was conceived (these metaphors are starting to get weird so I'll stop).

The Life Bath Podcast is going to be a chatty lifestyle podcast where I interview amazing people about their life, career, passions and especially how they navigate through this crazy thing we call life. I have so many fantastic guests lined up from local North East Bloggers to Entrepreneurs and people with life stories to share, even my husband might make a cheeky appearance at some point.   

It will be available on lots of different podcast platforms so just check the one you usually listen to podcasts on and just search The Life Bath Podcast. If you are new to the world of podcasts but want to listen to ours, because it will be so incredible, then I have left some links below and you can pick the one you want to use. 

Listen to the trailer now to get a teaser of what to expect.....enjoy and let me know what you think by tweeting me.

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