As I have got older I have become obsessed with Autumn. Even though I am a sun worshiper and love summer dresses and strappy tops with no coats, living in the North East of England sunny hot weather is few and far between, but Autumn, well you know what you are getting with Autumn. I also love Autumn as I am slightly obsessed with Halloween, I decorate the house and have a little Halloween party just me and my husband. I could not care less that I don't have kids, I am just a big kid and I love it. I will even go to work dressed up (only if other people are though, I am not a complete raving lunatic) see evidence number one....
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Along with my weird obsession with dressing up for Halloween, I also get very excited for my Autumn wardrobe, cosy sweaters, jeans, boots, hats, coats, layering galore. There are so many amazing outfits options when it comes to the Autumn season that it can also be daunting to get it right or know what pieces are best for you so you don't look like a wrapped up potato (I have evidence of me looking like this as well but lets just move on from that). So when Intu Eldon Square invited me along to get a sneak peek at their Autumn/Halloween inspired fashion workshops, I jumped at the chance, and this is why you should too.

You will find this fantastic fashion pop up just outside New Look in Eldon Square and it is running until the 29th October. They have a selection of key Autumn pieces along with great classy Halloween outfit and decoration options (not a bin bag or witch mask in sight). Each day they will be running workshops that anyone can drop into and is a great opportunity to get advise from trained stylist Emma.

So what can you expect?

Creepy crawly homeware

If you are like me and love decorating your house but don't fancy crate paper vampires or plastic ghosts and fake blood everywhere then this is a great place to stop and get some ideas. I personally loved all the decorated fake pumpkins and the sugar skulls, and even though I hate spiders this light bell jar is just awesome. Pick up some great ideas for your Halloween celebration at this drop in workshop.

Date and Times
October 25th, 27th, 29th

How to pick a wicked winter coat 

It's actually harder then you think to pick the perfect winter coat. You need it to keep you warm but also look good and go with most outfits. This drop in session is perfect to get advice on the latest trends, what suits your body shape and discover how to style your winter coat with any look. This is the one I am most interested in as I am currently trying to find a tailored style winter coat. Emma, the stylist gave me some great advice about print and the size print that is best for me as I am quite petite, I tried on a checked print which I would never have normally gone for and I fell in love. So I will be off to Eldon Square this weekend to go on the hunt for one in my size.

Date and Times
October 25th, 27th, 29th
October 26th, 28th

Autumn/winter capsule wardrobe wizardry 

I have always wanted to do a full capsule wardrobe for each season. I envy people that can get just a few key pieces of clothing and then turn that into lots of amazing outfits, my brain just does work in that way, which is why any help and advice is well received by me. This drop-in session consists of a personal stylist working with you to build your perfect autumn/winter capsule wardrobe so you can discover the key pieces that work well together if you don’t have an eye for that.

Date and Times
October 25th, 27th, 29th

Our top ten must-have autumn/winter items

With each new season, I’m sure I google or search on YouTube the phrase 'must-have items' at least once a day, just to try and give me inspiration on where to spend my money for that season and Autumn and Winter are the most important in my opinion as you need more layers. I love the idea of this drop-in session as it means you don’t have to trawl the internet looking for ideas you can talk directly to the people in the know and they can advise you. They will run through the top ten must-have pieces which include things like statement tees, slouch boots and the ‘wear everywhere’ dress to name but a few.

Date and Times
October 26th, 28th

Scarily-good Halloween costume ideas

Think chic Halloween costumes, not bin bags or newspaper stuffed in tights (did anyone else do that for a cats tail). This workshop is ideal for anyone wanting to WOW at their Halloween parties and I love the idea of a few great pieces that could be a normal party outfit but when paired with Halloween accessories brings the whole look together. This rib look top and tulle skirt was my favourite outfit idea, with a sugar skull face paint this is such a cute Halloween costume.

Date and Times
October 26th, 28th

And to top it all off they will also be hosting bewitching beauty workshops, where your favourite beauty brands will be showing you how to create show-stopping Halloween looks.

Dates and Times

24 October: Topshop

25 October: Mystical makeovers
26 October: Inglot
27 October: Inglot
28 October: Topshop
29 October: Mystical makeovers

11am and 4pm

Click HERE if you want a full listing of all the events.

Let me know if you pop along to any of these events, I really do think they are worth a try. Also, tweet me your Autumn looks and give me some inspiration.

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Newcastle city centre has had a major facelift in the last 5 years. I have always loved my city but for a long time it seemed very dated, and even though Newcastle has always been known as a great party/night out city, no big interesting brands had opened here in a long time. However we have noticed some incredible bars and fashion brands slowly popping up in the city centre in recent times, especially around the Grey's Monument area of town. The renovation of Monument Mall was the start of this renaissance, with the introduction of The Botanist cocktail bar, The White Company, Molton Brown, Hugo Boss and many more. Over the last few months, the entire Monument side of Eldon Square was revamped and opened as an amazing hub of restaurants and eateries. The newest and most anticipated addition to this is The Alchemist


Over recent years, more and more bars and restaurants have realised that their decor is extremely important and they now try to stand out with clever and unique themes and amazing interior design. The competition is fierce these days, so each establishment needs to have something very special else that entice new visitors and encourage them to return. It is so important for everything to be eye-catching and photogenic, social media is such a huge advertising tool these days with everyone sharing photos instantly, first impressions count more than ever before.

The inside of The Alchemist is gorgeous, they have fully embraced the science lab theme and gone all out to make it look and feel like you are somewhere special not just another bar. I am obsessed with all the copper, its everywhere even down to the copper cocktail shakers, which is a great touch. I also liked the fact that there is a lot of seating, this is a restaurant as well but even the bar area has lots of places to sit and relax while enjoying your drinks.


I love the look of the cocktail menu, you can tell that every detail of this bar's theme has been thought out, if the periodic table was like this at school I might have concentrated in science a little more!

The prices of the cocktails range between £7.50 & £8.50 for single cocktails, but they also offer sharing cocktails for 2/4 people from £20.50 up to £37.50. 

I didn't try the sharing cocktails but spied the Mad Hatters Tea Party being made and had to get a picture, it is made from KETEL ONE VODKA, CITRUS, ELDERFLOWER, COINTREAU AND SUMMER FRUITS. SCIENCE. 10 years ago if you told everyone that they would all be drinking cocktails out of teacups I think you would be laughed out of the bar, but these days since the Hipster Revolution (yes, I called it a revolution) we find ourselves drinking out of crazier and crazier objects every week! I don't mind this at all, I think it is fun and creates talking points. I do not, however, appreciate it when it comes to food... #bringbacktheplate.

Mad Hatters Tea Party - £20.50 - Serves two

Bubble Bath - £7.75

My first choice of cocktail was Bubble Bath, this one had been recommended to me by a friend that had been to The Alchemist in Leeds. It is made up of TANQUERAY GIN, APEROL, CHAMBORD, LEMON, APPLE, FAIRY LIQUID (not the soap) and is £7.75. When it was first made the bubbles just kept expanding, I didn't think they were going to stop! It was delicious but I love anything with gin in it, it also tasted like sweets which is never a bad thing. The bubbles made it hard to drink at first but added to the fun.

My next choice of cocktail to try was the Lightbulb Moment. I say 'choice' but I didn't actually choose it, I did that annoying thing where I asked the barmaid to choose for me (I hated that when I worked in a bar!). I was useless as a barmaid, but at The Alchemist all the staff are amazing and have fantastic skills. I didn't notice one person looking at any cheat sheets or instructions, this might have something to do with the 3-week intensive training course they go on. Now that is dedication!

Lightbulb Moment is made from TANQUERAY GIN, PIMMS, GINGER BEER, RASPBERRY, LEMON, MINT and is £7.95. This cocktail was the most fun to watch so much so that I had two of them, it also tasted amazing.

For my next choice, I actually studied the menu instead of letting the child in me pick the one that smoked the most. As soon as I saw the word 'Hendricks' I was sold on my next choice which was Tickle me Pink, this is made from HENDRICKS GIN, BRIOTTET ELDERFLOWER, LIME, NETTLES, STINGS and is £8.50. 

While the barman was making my drink I noticed some odd accompaniments on the bar, I wondered what they were for as they seemed very out of place for a bar setting. Once my drink was completed, however, everything became clear; the barman took a pink liquid filled syringe and placed it on top of my drink, telling me I would need to drink that first before the cocktail. The syringe had a Gin and chilli concoction in it which numbs the tongue as though stung by a nettle, the cocktail then acts like a 'Doc Leaf' which eases the 'sting'. There is a rather entertaining video of my reaction over on my Instagram if you want to watch it.

Tickle me Pink - £8.50
One of my favourite cocktails at the moment is the Porn Star Martini which is made of REYKA VODKA, PASSOA, PINEAPPLE, LEMON, PROSECCO, PASSIONFRUIT and is £10.50. Sadly I had put myself on a 4 drink limit due to having a long drive the next day but my lovely blogging friends Samantha (North East family Fun) and Naomi (Nomipalony) took one (and two, three, four, five) for the team and this is one that they ordered.  I absolutely loved the tiny beaker the shot of prosecco came in, a fantastic touch.

And if cocktails are not your thing there is plenty more drinks to choose from, this is a Hawaiian beer that Thom tried and loved. The cap of the beer even has a removable cover inside which, if you scratch off, reveals a Hawaiian word or phrase. Now you can learn a new language while you drink, perfect!

Final Thoughts

I will 100% be visiting again and adding The Alchemist to my bar list for a night out. I think it is a perfect starting point for nights out and even pre-dinner drinks. I think the prices are comparable with most 'fancy' cocktail bars in town and I am happy to pay that for one of two cocktails and then move onto normal spirits. I do think if they are busy and everyone is ordering cocktails you could end up waiting a while for a drink, but that is purely speculation as the bar staff were very quick and seamless at making the drinks when I was there. I believe they will also be adding table service for drinks in the future, so no standing waiting at the bar missing out on your friend's conversations.

The Alchemist also does food which I can not comment on yet as I haven't tried it fully however if the canapes at this event are anything to go by the food will be incredible. 

Opening Times


Make a Booking HERE
Food Menu HERE
Drinks Menu HERE

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When I got married in June I don't think I actually thought about the whole name changing element. Obviously, I knew I was going to change my name but the work involved never crossed my mind until I actually started doing it. I started writing a list of everything I could think of that had my name on and that list started getting longer and longer; so I thought maybe Thom could just change his name instead, that way he can do the work and not me! Unfortunately, he wasn't up for this idea.

As with anything in my life I needed to find the simplest and quickest way to get this done, and like magic (I am sure Facebook can now look into our minds) I saw an advert for My Married Name Change which claims to make changing your name after you get married an easy and quick process. I decided to take a look, as my list of 'things I need to change my name on' was making my head hurt. 

Navigating around the My Married Name Change website was really simple and easy and finding out what they could actually do for me was quick to see, which is always a bonus when you have an attention span like mine.

So what can they actually do? Well, My Married Name Change will provide you everything you need to change your name with all the companies/agencies/governing bodies that require the update. They supply pre-written letters, emails and even send you the correct forms for the companies that don't accept letters, for example your passport or driving license. You can either choose to print the letters off yourself or you can receive them printed in the post with envelopes to make it even easier to send out. 

When you sign up you complete a few form with all of your details and your new married name etc, you then select everyone you want to change your name with. This list is extensive which is fantastic as you can select everyone you have accounts with for example any of the UK Government Departments, Banking, credit cards, home insurance, TV packages, Energy companies... the list goes on.

I went through this full process and straight away I received the letter and email templates into my inbox, which meant I could start contacting any companies that accepted emails right away. Roughly 7 days later I received my pack in the post, all the letters were addressed to each company with my details printed on them. Literally, the only thing I needed to do was add in any account numbers and sign the letters, it was so simple.

This is a chargeable service and I know exactly what you are all thinking as I thought the same when I first saw this website "why pay to do this? Just write the letters yourself!" Now, if you have all the time in the world and love admin it is a fair comment, however, if you have no desire to scroll through websites or wait in call queues trying to find the right addresses to send name change letters to then this service is perfect for you.

I sent off all my letters gradually as some require your marriage certificate and even though we got a spare one on the wedding day it took time to send off and then receive back. Most companies don't need this, for example, our Energy and Water company, Virgin Media and most other companies that just provide a similar, chargeable service.

The price varies with how much you want them to do but the top package is only £34.99, considering how easy this service was and how quickly I got my name changed on everything I believe it is worth every penny. You can see all their packages here and they even have a basic free version.

Overall I could not be happier and I am now officially Mrs Hurst on all my accounts/ID with no stress and worry that I missed something.

I think if you have just got married or will be soon, you really need to look into this service with My Married Name Change.

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*I was provided with the top package for free to review but I am always 100% honest in my reviews

Sunday Dinner in Newcastle - Revolution Bar

This really shouldn't be something I admit to, but I have never been in Revolution sober. I realised this when I walked into Revolution in Newcastle last Sunday and couldn't believe how beautiful the building was, this photo really doesn't do it justice. The architecture is incredible, however this isn't something you really look at when you have had a few too many gins and you are fighting your way to the bar for a shot roulette! As much as I know you would all love to hear about my drunken escapades this post isn't about that; it is all about one of my favourite things in life, the infamous Sunday Dinner.

Quick question before we start, is it Sunday Dinner or Sunday Lunch to you? I have always said Sunday Dinner. I suppose tomato/tomato (I realise now that when written down that expression doesn't really have much impact, lol!) 

Sunday Dinner in Newcastle - Revolution Bar

Finally to the point. Last Sunday, Thom and I were invited along to Revolution in Newcastle for Soul on Sunday which is a Sunday dinner menu with a live band singing soul music. I love live music and I love Sunday dinner so we were hoping for good things. 

I never think about going into the centre of Newcastle for Sunday dinner/lunch. We always seem to drive to little pubs in the country which is lovely, but Newcastle is such an incredible city it was nice to wander around, do a little shopping, and then stop for a delicious Sunday dinner at Revolution.

*Spoiler Alert* the rest of this post is describing just how delicious.

Sunday Dinner in Newcastle - Revolution Bar

The band that brought soul factor was called Watson & The Elements. The lead singer had a beautiful voice which Thom described as being similar to Van Morrison's. I thought they were great and really easy to listen to. They played a lot of soul classics and it was funny hearing a live band on a Sunday afternoon serenade you and the rest of the bar with R-Kelly's Bump N' Grind (I had to put the link to the music video, its a classic. Enjoy!)

We were sat in a booth which was comfy and spacious. Thom ordered a coffee which came in a proper cafetiere which I thought was a lovely touch. I really liked the menus as they were simple mock newspapers which were easy to read and find what you wanted, they even had a bit of info on Watson & The Elements.

You have a selection of either 2 courses or all 3 courses. This style of menu has become very popular recently and I am not sure I 100% like it as sometimes you just don't want a starter or a dessert, you just want to devour as much meat and veg (yes I hear it) as possible before your jeans burst! Or is that just me?

Even though there were only 4 dishes on each course to choose from, the food options were good and I personally like this as it stops me staring at the menu for hours.

Sunday Dinner in Newcastle - Revolution Bar


I went for the Mango Chicken & Ricotta Salad, House Flatbread and Pomegranates. It was presented beautifully which actually took me by surprise as Revolution is effectively a pub but the food was high-quality restaurant food which was great to see. Mine was nice, nothing to write home about but I enjoyed it. Thom ordered the Breaded Halloumi with Hummus, Dukkah, House Flatbread & Pomegranate. As we always share our food I ate some of this as well and we were both in agreement that it was absolutely delicious, the hummus was creamy and flavourful and the Halloumi baked perfectly. I think that was the point we agreed we would definitely come back even just to eat that again.

Sunday Dinner in Newcastle - Revolution Bar

The Main Attraction

Luckily neither of us are "Joey from Friends" and we always get food that we can share, so as soon as we saw the Roast Chicken for Two with Balsamic Onions we knew that's what we were going to get. We weren't expecting a whole chicken, so when they placed the wooden crate (yes, an actual crate!) containing our dinner down in front of us we were very happy with the amount of food. To be honest, we struggled to eat it all! 

The crate is a nice touch I think, it contained all of the food which included roast potatoes, roast parsnips, carrots, Yorkshire pudding, and balsamic roast onions. As our eyes are bigger than our bellies we also ordered cauliflower cheese as no Sunday dinner is complete without it.

The food was delicious, the chicken was so soft and juicy and just fell off the bone, the roast potatoes were cooked through and crispy and the same with the veg. I loved that it was just root veg as well and there wasn't any soggy cabbage or over cooked greens. The Yorkshire puddings were huge and you could tell they were homemade. 

I love a home cooked Sunday dinner as there are always leftovers and loads of food, so when going out I don't like places that give you a set plate of food as there is always a worry you are just going to get one slice of meat and one of each veg. A carvery is a good alternative to this as you get to choose your own portions, but I hate having to queue up get your ticket, then walk back to your table trying to balance your plate so you don't spill the swimming pool of gravy you have drowned your food in. So Revolutions Sunday Dinner was a perfect combination of all 3. Delicious homemade food, table service and big portions... Perfect.

Sunday Dinner in Newcastle - Revolution Bar

Sunday Dinner in Newcastle - Revolution Bar

Sunday Dinner in Newcastle - Revolution Bar

Sunday Dinner in Newcastle - Revolution Bar


I think I have mentioned on here before that I am actually lactose intolerant so usually eating off any dessert menu is impossible, however, I recently discovered some tablets from Holland and Barret that help you to digest lactose. What better way to put them to the test then with huge dairy filled deserts? Unfortunately, these tablets don't take the calories out of food so it wasn't too great for the diet!

The photos pretty much tell you all you need to know, they were incredible. We went for the apple pie and the chocolate brownie and I have to say the brownie was one of the nicest ones I have ever had, soft and gooey and just delicious. I liked the ice cream as it was what I call 'fancy ice cream', which basically means you can see the little black vanilla pod seeds!

Sunday Dinner in Newcastle - Revolution Bar

Sunday Dinner in Newcastle - Revolution Bar

Overall we had such a lovely meal and the live band was a great touch. I am really happy Revolution Newcastle invited us along to experience their Soul on Sunday as I honestly don't think I would have ever thought to go here for Sunday Dinner, and it was a delicious and relaxing experience. 

Even though we got invited along I am always 100% honest in my reviews. Obviously, everyone has different tastes but I highly recommend trying Revolution Newcastle Sunday Soul for yourself.

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Sunday Dinner in Newcastle - Revolution Bar

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