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PODCAST: S1 EP 4: Interview With Rachel Kershaw - Life in Geordieland

On Episode 4, I am joined by Rachel from the blog Life in Geordie Land. Rachel is an honorary Geordie and her northeast travel blog is visited by everyone looking for recommendations for things to do in the northeast, she has been in the North East for 20 years now but still has her lovely Lancashire lass accent. Rachel is also a voiceover artist which she uses her lovely accent for, it is so interesting to hear about. 


PODCAST: S1 EP 3: Interview With Gemma - Gemmas Little World

I had the great pleasure of interviewing Gemma from the blog Gemma’s Little World on episode 3 of The Life Bath Podcast. Gemma describes herself as a plus-size fashion blogger and her confidence and honesty really is inspirational to so many people.

PODCAST: S1 EP 2: Interview With Nyomi - Nomipalony

I have got to start this post by saying a huge, massive, gigantic thank you to everyone that listened to episode one of the Life Bath Podcast. It was truly overwhelming to receive all your message and tweets and thank you so much for so many listens and shares


PODCAST: S1 Ep 1: Interview with Chloe McGuirk - New Girl in Toon

I have just hit the button...episode ONE of The Life Bath Podcast is now live. There is no going back now. I have said this many times but thank you so much for all your support while I have been creating this. As it is the first episode I thought I would let you know what you can expect in the coming weeks, there will be a brand new podcast every other week so you will get two a month to listen to and enjoy. They will be released every other Sunday at 7pm just in time for your Sunday chill time or the Monday morning commute. Right, let's tell you a bit about my first guest...


The Life Bath Podcast is coming...

It is here, it's finally a thing an actual thing! The Life Bath podcast has been born, and I use the phrase born as it really is my baby. I have watched my lovely husband record, edit and produce the amazing Gonarch's Lair podcast and I thought, "I want to get myself one of those", and while we were walking the dog a few months ago, the idea for The Life Bath podcast was conceived (these metaphors are starting to get weird so I'll stop).

5 Reasons to fall in love with Tapas

If it was feasibly possible we would all just eat out every night, wouldn't we? or that just me?! I love every aspect of going out for food, from the social interactions to the delicious food itself, or maybe I just have a thing for being waited on. The most sociable meal I believe you can go out for is Tapas. Spanish food is positively delicious and the fact it's not frowned upon to order multiple dishes is a winner in my eyes. The hubby and I have loved Tapas for years, ever since we started dating it has been one of our go-to choices for a meal out and we are very rarely disappointed. Weirdly Tapas is the one meal that we always seem to have our deepest life/relationship conversations, is it the romantic setting and sharing of food? or just lots of red wine, who knows. 


How to Survive a Breakup

It doesn't matter if you are 15 or 50, whether you have been together 2 months or 20 years, breakups are hard and they are personal to everyone. The old cliché of "time is a great healer" is fantastic, however, what the hell are you meant to do while that time is passing?§

So after a few conversations with my girlfriends, we have put together a few survival tips that we wish people had said to us when we have gone through breakups over the years. Remember though that breakups are not an exact science.

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