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It doesn't matter if you are 15 or 50, whether you have been together 2 months or 20 years, breakups are hard and they are personal to everyone. The old clichĂ© of "time is a great healer" is fantastic, however, what the hell are you meant to do while that time is passing?§

So after a few conversations with my girlfriends, we have put together a few survival tips that we wish people had said to us when we have gone through breakups over the years. Remember though that breakups are not an exact science.

Give in to the grief 

And that is exactly what it is, grief. You have lost someone that was a major part of your life. Watch sad movies and cry, throw things at the TV and shout "bullshit" when the leading man runs after the leading lady and fights for her. Then pick yourself up and face the world again. It's fine to go up and down with feeling better, be prepared for that; maybe one day you will feel on top of the world thinking to yourself "Fuck, yeah I dealt with that break up like a boss" only to see them and hear their laugh and all of a sudden you feel like crawling back into bed and screaming obscenities at The Notebook. That's fine it doesn't make you a failure at moving on, it just means you need that little bit more time.

Give Each other Space

Whether you initiated the breakup or were on the receiving end, what you need to to do is say what you have to say and then give each other space. Let them miss you, and if they don't miss you then they weren't meant for you. It is easy to fall into the trap of thinking 'I'll just send one message to see how they are' or 'They will think this is funny' but really it's just an excuse to get some attention from them and if you don't get the response you want it can just make you feel worse. Also if you push it too much you can start to muddy the memories of what you had together. You want to be 'the one that got away' not the crazy ex, don't you?

Closure is bullshit

I hate how these days so much emphasis is put on getting closure at the end of a relationship. Don't get me wrong, I have been a sucker for this as well. We all watch a few romantic movies or re-runs of Friends and think all relationships will have this cookie cutter ending wrapped in a lovely bow where you will get all the answers you need and can release them back into the universe to grow and be happy. Well, I am sorry to say but breakups are messy and sometimes we never get the answers we need, thinking the other person will say some magical words and it will all be better just sets us up for a massive fall. Create your own 'closure' by accepting what has been said and walking away with your head held high.

Do Not Obsess & Stop Stalking... Like, right now!

If the breakup wasn't your choice it is so easy to start obsessing about every tiny little detail, re-reading every old message, replaying every conversation in your head, thinking you could have done or said something different that would have changed the outcome. STOP IT, do not fall into that trap. Don't get me wrong, if overthinking burnt calories I would be a size zero, but it's just not worth it; it creates scenarios and situations in your head that never actually happened, causing you more pain than the reality would have.

Do not for the love of god look at things on social media that will piss you off, we all fall victim to this as it’s so easy to keep looking at what they are up to, but it's inevitable you will see something that makes you want to throw your phone out of the nearest window. Remove them from your social media channels if possible, they should understand and you can always add them again when you are in a better head space. 

Invest In You

The biggest trap a lot of us fall into is thinking the way to get over a breakup is to get straight back into dating. Growing up we are constantly told "there is plenty more fish in the sea" but hold on a minute, maybe we should leave those fish to go about their business and not let another "fish" hold our happiness in their hands (far too many fish analogies, but you get what I mean).
Give yourself some time to enjoy your own company, treat yourself, work out what makes you happy as a single entity and not part of a twosome. Write a list of all the things you put off because your other half didn't like/want to do them (keep it clean); eat at that restaurant you love but they hated, go on that road trip, jump out of a goddamn aeroplane if it makes you feel alive! Detox your life and body with the focus always being on you, and if along the way you happen to bump into your ex, feeling and looking amazing then walk by with your head held high and realise they were not right for you, and take a little pleasure in knowing you look H.O.T and are so over them.

I am sure we have all been there in our lives so I hope you enjoyed this lighthearted survival guide. Do you have any tips for surviving a break-up? Let me know in the comments below.

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With its vast rainforest and stunning mountains, St Lucia competes very highly as one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean. Along with its lush forests and mountains, St Lucia boasts volcanic beaches, luxury hotel resorts and fantastic reef diving opportunities. If you have never been to the Caribbean before St Lucia is the perfect island to start with, and this travel diary of our trip might spark the adventurer in you and give you a helping hand when deciding on your next holiday.

With this travel diary, I might have to pull the memories from the depth of my psyche as we went on this trip in November 2013, despite that I really wanted to write about it as the start of my travel series. 
I find picking a holiday destination so overwhelming, I never know where to start and like most people I have to work to a budget. This holiday was the first time Thom and I were going abroad together and also it was to celebrate his 30th Birthday so I knew I wanted it to be special. Three weeks before we went to St Lucia Thom proposed to me, which gave us another reason to make it the holiday of a lifetime. I am essentially the travel agent in the relationship, and so I do all the scouring of websites, reading of travel guides and spending hours of my life on Trip Advisor. Thom trusts me to pick the best places and I haven’t failed him yet.


We wanted to go at the end of November so that we were away for Thom’s big 30th celebrations, because of the time of year I knew we would have to travel a little further afield to get some sunshine. The Caribbean has some of the most desirable weather in the world, with temperatures ranging from 24-30ÂșC which means it is never cold and never too hot. Ideal months to go to the Caribbean are December - April when it is a lot less humid, dry and cooler. May - November can be wetter with hurricanes likely between July and October. 

St Lucia has a tropical climate so it can be higher humidity and wetter than other Caribbean countries. We went right at the end of November beginning of December and only had one day where it rained heavily for a long period of time. There were small showers from time to time, but so insignificant that I would just put my towel over my head and it would be sunny and dry again in minutes. Other than that is was glorious. 

Hotel - St James Club Morgan Bay

Once I pinned down a country it was time to choose a hotel. This is the part that stresses me out the most. I am so happy that when I was of age to book my own holidays the internet and hotel reviews were a thing. How on earth did my parents know where was good to go, by trusting the word of a travel agent and a brochure? No thanks! It wouldn't feel right if I didn't scrutinise every single hotel review on Trip Advisor and then be put off by that one terrible review in a sea of excellent ones, what if I also get infuriated by the fact that there was only margarine and not real butter and it ruins my entire holiday? This was a genuine complaint, I truly worry about the human race...

Even though I love reading everything I possibly can about potential hotels I do try to take guest reviews with a pinch of salt. The problem with reviews is that everyone is different and has different tastes, I am sure I wouldn’t even notice some of the things people complain about on Trip Adviser.

That being said the hotel that finally got my vote when booking St Lucia was St James Club Morgan Bay. On paper, this hotel had everything we wanted, All inclusive, swim-up bar, adults only pool, fantastic reviews and was in the budget.

St James club is roughly a 2-hour drive from Hewanorra International Airport, we decided to get a shared transfer which had a few other people in a minibus that we dropped off at different hotels. You can get a helicopter which would have been incredible but was a little out of our price range.

When we arrived we were greeted with some rum punch and it was at that moment I truly felt like I was in the Caribbean, it was very exciting. The staff were incredibly welcoming and friendly, which followed through our entire stay. This hotel is All Inclusive for everyone that stays here, so no weird wrists bands or worrying about how much you are spending, you can just drink and eat to your heart's content.

Our room was in one of the blocks on the hill overlooking the whole resort, we got there at night so didn't realise how stunning our view was until the morning. We were over the moon with the room it was huge and had a very generous balcony, the location also helped us work off the buffet by walking up and down that hill a few times a day. It is a large complex but they have lots of golf buggies to give you lifts to your room if needed. 

There are 4 pools all together at St James club, but we mainly stayed around the one with the swim-up bar, not sure why... There is another pool right next to the swim-up bar, which had all the aqua aerobics and pool games. The 3rd pool is the kid's pool which was on the other side of the resort which we never went to. I really liked that this was a family-friendly resort but if you want to avoid kids then it's easy to do, especially at the 4th pool which is set just up the hill overlooking the beach. This pool has it's own bar so you can spend all day here if you want. We loved heading up there after lunch to chill out with a cocktail in the pool looking out to sea, it was so peaceful and an incredible experience.

St James Club has 6 restaurants so all-inclusive never gets boring. What I loved was that they were totally different types of restaurants so you never felt like you were just in a resort eating the same food every night. My favourite restaurant was Morgan's pier, with its a la carte menu of seafood and just grilled deliciousness you can enjoy your food surrounded by the ocean. There is one restaurant you have to pay a supplement for if you go but Le Jardin is definitely worth the $35 each. We went for Thom's birthday night and they decorated the table and got him a birthday cake which I thought was a lovely touch. If buffet food is what you like then The Palms restaurant is for you, there is an amazing selection of food and they do theme nights as well. The Bamboo restaurant is where we would go for lunch and on an evening it is another delicious a la carte menu like Morgan's pier and La Jardin. There is a grill at the kid's pool which families with kids would probably find invaluable, as you don't have to uproot everything to go for lunch. Since we went in 2013 they have opened a Pizza and Pasta restaurant which I am gutted we never got to try as it looks very tasty. 

You have a lot of options when it comes to alcohol as well, they definitely don't give scrimp just because it is all-inclusive. Spirits are local but I certainly couldn't tell the difference, cocktails were plentiful and local beers and wines delicious. Thom became obsessed with the local beer Piton which you can only get in St Lucia, so another trip might be on the cards in the future. You could even get prosecco by the glass which I think goes above and beyond what an all-inclusive resort needs to offer.

Exploring the Island

I love getting out and exploring a country when I'm there and I wasn't going to miss the opportunity to see this beautiful island, however, we had also said we were going to use this holiday to completely relax and just eat and drink lots. The compromise to this was to book a full day excursion that packed in as much of the island as possible.

We started early in the day when the open-top jeep arrived to pick us up, I was really excited about this as it made the entire day exciting, unlike spending all day on a stuffy coach like a bunch of tourists. The views were spectacular especially when we went high up towards the mountains. We visited the Volcano, which is definitely worth a visit even if it is a sulphur hot spring and absolutely stinks! But it is a beautiful sight, it even has pools that you can swim in as well. Two beautiful waterfalls were also part of the trip, one of which is the waterfall featured in the movie Superman 2, there's a little bit of trivia for you. We explored little towns and fishing villages and everyone we met was incredibly friendly, our guide gave us so many facts and stories about the island, like how there are no monkeys in St Lucia which is why they can produce so many bananas to export! 

The day trip ended with the most beautiful catamaran journey back to our side of the island, as you can see from the pictures it is a breathtaking place. We stopped at a little inlet for a swim on the way and the water was crystal clear. Thom "nearly died" in the sea, something he still struggles to talk about to this day (a wave went over his head...). Aside from that drama, it was one of the best experiences of my life and I would go back to St Lucia in a heartbeat.

If you want a giggle here is a little home video of Thom opening his birthday cards on our balcony. Thom seems to have an issue with the birds...

Booking information

We booked through British Airways for the flight and the hotel, which was easy and painless. The flight was great it is only 8 hours from London. All the transfers were sorted when booking (we paid extra for this) and all round we were happy with the whole experience.

In my opinion, St Lucia is the type of place you go and stay in an All-Inclusive type hotel, the resorts are built in the most beautiful places and you can relax and soak up the sun and stunning views. As we went all inclusive we didn't take much spending money at all. When we went out on our day trip drinks and food weren't expensive at all.

You can also book directly with St James Club via their website

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With the huge uprising of streaming services and catch up TV, it seems long gone are the days of watching an episode of your favourite show once a week. Since our new favourite shows are now all released at the same time or gathered together in one place it makes it so easy to say "just one more episode" and before you know it you have binged the whole season and you can't keep your eyes open at work. I have gathered together some of my favourites to give you some ideas if you are stuck with what to watch next.
The best things to look out for when picking a TV show to binge-watch is how many seasons there are? The last thing you want is to get addicted to something that has 10 seasons with 22 episodes each, you still need to function in the real world and eat food! Binging shorter shows has greater satisfaction when you finish them or even devastation that there are no more. Also, shorter seasons means you get to watch more shows and keep up to date with the water cooler conversations or however people interact these days (I'm always in the house binge-watching TV so I never talk to other humans!)

Big Little Lies

A perfect life is a perfect lie

The way I watched Big Little Lies was the true definition of binge-watching. I watched all 7 episode in one night, I just couldn't stop. This book adaptation follows three mothers of first-graders in the wealthy beachfront town of Monterey California. On the surface, everyone is happy and successfully living the American dream, but dig a little deeper and everything isn't as perfect as they make out. When a new arrival turns up in town it all ends in murder, but whose murder? 

The cast is incredible in Big Little Lies, it truly is an all-star cast; Nichole Kidman is fantastic and has some really difficult scenes, Reece Witherspoon is just as great and really carries the comedic side to this show. It kept me gripped all the way through, I really wanted to find out who the murder victim was and it wasn't predictable when you finally find out which I was happy about.

Available on - Sky Box Sets or Purchase on Amazon 
Number of Seasons - 1, with the second season being made
Episodes per Season - 7
IMDB score - 8.6/10


Their Last Resort

I was always going to watch this show regardless of what people said about is as I am obsessed with Jason Bateman, I love everything he is in, even if he does play the same character in everything! This show is so different to anything I have seen him in before and he played the dramatic role very well. 
Ozark is about a seemingly ordinary family from Chicago. Marty Byrde on the surface is a respected financial advisor with one difference, he launders money for the Mexican Cartel. Due to some issues in the arrangement, Marty has to uproot his family to the lakes of the Ozarks in order to keep them alive. You are gripped all the way through this show, with its huge WTF moments you never know what is going to happen next or how it's all going to end. If you enjoy thrillers, action or just really well-acted drama you will love Ozark.

Available on - Netflix
Number of Seasons - 1, with a second in production
Episodes per Season - 10
IMDB score - 8.4/10

The Affair

Danger Lies in Losing Control

After a chance meeting, Noah Solloway and Alison Bailey embark on a passionate affair. The show tells the story and re-tells the story from each party's point of view and how the same situation can be interpreted very differently by the people involved. When I first started watching The Affair I didn't have a bloody clue what the hell was going on because of the way the story is told, but you soon get used to it and it is very clever. Noah and Alison tell their story from a police station and we don't find out why they are there or what has happened until the end of the season. There are so many twists and turns and it excellently deals with the fallout and heartbreak of affairs. What I love about The Affair is you never know what is going to happen next, or who is going to screw who, physically or figuratively, which kept me wanting more. It was great to see Joshua Jackson on screen again and Domonic West is fantastic as the messed up Noah Solloway.

Available on - Sky Box Sets or Purchase on Amazon
Number of Seasons - 3, with season 4 starting in June 2018
Episodes per Season - 10 - 12
IMDB score - 8/10

Black Mirror

The Futures Bright

Black Mirror is an anthology series from creator Charlie Brooker. It is hard to describe Black mirror and out of all these shows, I feel like its the one you should know the least about before you watch it. Generally, it's subject matter is based in a strange high-tech world and looks in on the dark side of humanity. What I love about Black Mirror is that you can relate each story to aspects of real life. For example, one episode in season 3 called Nosedive shows humanity living in a world solely based on reviewing each other, the better your reviews on things like how polite you are to people in daily interactions the better your standing in life. It is such a clever episode, it takes the way the world is currently and exaggerates it into some incredibly entertaining and thought-provoking TV.

Available on - Netflix
Number of Seasons - 4, Season 5 not planned but inevitable 
Episodes per Season - 3 - 6
IMDB score - 8.9/10

Stranger Things

The world is turning upside down

If you haven't already binged both series of Stranger Things you must be living under a rock. One of the most popular TV shows at the moment, Stranger Things is a nostalgia-fest throwback to the 80s. Following a group of young teenage boys who love playing Dungeons & Dragons and riding their BMX's, who one day they meet a strange girl called Eleven and embark on a crazy and terrifying adventure. If you loved every 80's coming-of-age movie you will become obsessed with Stranger Things, there are so many amazing references and the effort put into the sets and costumes does make you think it was filmed in the 80's. The acting is impeccable especially for the fact this is the first job for most of the young actors. Seasoned professionals like Winona Rider and David Harbour also bring award-worthy performances.

Available on - Netflix
Number of Seasons - 2, plans for 4 seasons all together
Episodes per Season - 8 - 9
IMDB score - 9/10


Some legends are written in blood

The reason we started watching Spartacus was that we saw a trailer for it and it looked so ridiculously crazy and over the top, we couldn't not check it out. We watched Spartacus the old fashioned way of once a week and waiting between seasons, which I think is a calm way to watch it. I know I am recommending to binge-watch this show but I would be careful not to overload yourself or you will be fighting people and having orgies all over the place before you know it. The only way I can describe this show is probably with one of those warnings that were always on before it started "the following program contains, lots of naked people, lots of sex, lots of blood and very graphic killings/maimings". I didn't have high hopes when I first started watching Spartacus, I thought it was going to be an awful, overly gory cheese-fest but I couldn't have been more wrong. Amongst the gore and the sex was amazing acting and intense storylines.

It takes you through the full story of Spartacus from his capture as a slave to his fight for freedom. Sadly Andy Whitfield who played Spartacus in the first season developed cancer. Season 2 is a prequel telling the story of the Ludas before Spartucas arrived, this was to give Andy time to recover, unfortunately this did not happen and he sadly passed away. In season 3 and 4, the Spartacus role is taken over by Liam Macintyer who does the role huge justice and definitely keeps Andy's legacy alive. When this show ended it affected me for days as it was so intense and perfectly written.

Available on - Netflix or purchase on Amazon
Number of Seasons - 4
Episodes per Season - 6 -13
IMDB score - 8.6/10


Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling 

I saw the promotion pictures for this series and I had no interest in watching it, I only did to keep the peace as the hubby really wanted to see it. I couldn't have been more wrong.
Glow is another nostalgia fest, set in the 80's and follows the ups and downs of a newly formed women's wrestling TV Show. In a hilarious way, it deals with the relationship between best friends Ruth and Debbie, the struggles of has-been writer Sam and all the craziness women's wrestling entails. It is extremely well produced and the hair and costumes, like Stranger Things, makes you think it was actually filmed in the 80's. I can't wait for season 2.

Available on - Netflix
Number of Seasons - 1, season 2 in production
Episodes per Season - 10
IMDB score - 8/10

All Netflix/Marvel Superhero Shows

Justice is blind

Ok so bulking all these shows in together is a little bit of a cheat, however, I couldn't write a list about binge-watching TV shows and not include these. I am a huge superhero fan and have been for a long time, I have seen every Marvel movie and religiously watch the DC TV shows Arrow, Flash and Legends of tomorrow since they started, so when Netflix announced they were making Daredevil with a plan to make more superhero shows I was very excited. Fast forward 3 years and we now have 5 different superhero shows in rotation. I get a little passionate about the fact you need to watch them all and in order, I have been known to shout at someone at work when they randomly say that are going to start watching Luke Cage without having ever watched any of the others. So you have been warned. This is the order you need to watch them in:

Daredevil Season one
Jessica Jones
Daredevil Season two
Luke Cage
Iron Fist
The Punisher

The Netflix superhero ensemble is a lot grittier than their DC counterparts. There are some amazing fight scenes and crazy superhero storylines. The best out of all of them I believe is Luke Cage as it just feels a lot more real, well as much as a program about a bulletproof man can feel real. I was really disappointed with Iron Fist but if you are going to do this properly you have to get through that one so you are ready for The Defenders. You won't be disappointed if you like action, drama and of course Superheroes.

Available on - Netflix
Number of Seasons - 6, and keeps going
Episodes per Season - 13
IMDB score - 6.7/10 - 8.7/10


Risen from the dead in perfect health?

This Austrailian drama takes zombies in a very different direction. A small town cop is called to the local cemetery one night to discover people have dug themselves out of their graves, the crazy thing is if the names on the graves are right they have been dead for a long time and seem to be in perfect health. It's a really interesting concept for a show, a little slow in parts but definitely worth sticking with. I like how you hear each "dead person's" story and what decade they are from as they work out how they died in the first place. I haven't watched the second season yet but the way the first season ended made me excited to see where this show goes.

Available on - Netflix or Purchase on Amazon
Number of Seasons - 2
Episodes per Season - 6
IMDB score - 7.6/10

American Horror Story

You're going to die in there

American Horror Story is an anthology series so every season has totally different stories and characters, however, most of the cast stay the same in each series. The title of the show is a true representation of its content, so if you are easily scared this might not be the series for you. It is very much a horror movie in a TV show format, but every series is a different type of scary; from ghosts to witchcraft and mental asylums to freak shows, all with an underlying themes of murder and death.
Each season gets even weirder and crazier than the last. Kathy Bates is a season regular and she is so convincing and terrifying playing different crazy murderous women, Lady Gaga turns up in the season Hotel which I wasn't looking forward to but she is a surprisingly good actress. There are so many twists and turns and because it changes every season, any character can be killed off at any time. The best season, in my opinion, is the first one Murder House, Even though all the episodes have huge WTF moments I think this one has the biggest ones. You may need to watch from behind the sofa at times but it is an addictive show.

Available on - Netflix
Number of Seasons - 6, number 7 isn't on Netflix yet but has aired
Episodes per Season - 13
IMDB score - 8.1/10

Hope this list gives you some inspiration, let me know in the comments below what you have watched and what you like to binge-watch.

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