THE LIFE BATH PODCAST S1 Ep 7: Interview with Alex Hurley – Hotpod Yoga Newcastle

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

Episode 7 of The Life Bath Podcast brings you calm, relaxation with Alex Hurley, the owner of the HotPod Yoga franchise in Newcastle. If you have ever wondered what Hot Yoga is then this is the episode for you.

Alex talks about the unconventional way he got into yoga and eventually becoming an instructor. He also discusses how he set up the business with HotPod Yoga, and his passion for yoga and the company really shows.

Alex gives tips for beginners and ways to handle stress. I have been to many Hotpod Yoga sessions and I love it, so I was very grateful when Alex agreed to come on the podcast. I can’t recommend enough giving it a try. 


Whitley Bay Studio

Newcastle Studio


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