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THE LIFE BATH PODCAST S1 Ep 8: Guest Bio: Kim Scott – These Girls Can Run

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

This weeks guest is the incredible Kim, the founder of the These Girls Can Run running groups. Kim

Kim Scott Running
Kim Scott

chats to me about why she started running and how she built up the confidence to create this fantastic inspirational running group for ladies that might have never run before. We discuss how running helped with her mental health and how you can get involved no matter what your fitness level.

I ran with these ladies when I first decided to do the Great North Run and they were so supportive. My fitness was not great and I never felt like I was left behind and it motivated me to keep going.

Kim has also has started helping people with running equipment that may not have the funds to purchase them. She believes no one should be left out. You can donate unneeded trainers and clothing to These Girls Can Run to be gifted out. What an amazing idea. Learn more by listening to this weeks episode.

Listen to the full episode here

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