THE LIFE BATH PODCAST: S1 EP 5: Interview With Helen Newman – Honestly Helen

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

In episode five, I bring you the lovely Helen. Helen has a blog called Honestly Helen, which is funny, witty with gritty observations of life and a sprinkling of boyband obsession. Due to this just being who Helen is in real life, we got on like a house on fire.

I have enjoyed doing every episode of The Life bath podcast, but sitting down and chatting with Helen was just like talking to a life long friend over wine. Even though we had only been virtual friends up to this point.

It is a great feeling when you find in a kindred spirit, and I think that come across in this episode.

I love the way Helen writes her blog, and it so refreshing how honest she is. Make sure you check out her latest posts at

In this episode, we talk about our addiction to our phones, and why having a break can be a good idea. It also wouldn’t be a podcast without at least one boyband conversation. Helen is also very candid about how she deals with stress and living up to expectations in a digital world. there is lots of laughs and great discussion, and I cannot wait to get Helen back on the podcast.

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