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THE LIFE BATH PODCAST S1 Ep 9: Interview with Jenny – The Red Box Project

This week’s topic is something I am passionate about and that needs to be talked about a lot more and that is periods, and why everyone needs to stop being embarrassed about mentioning periods or think they are More needs to be done to help with the cost burden of having your period especially in young teenagers, and that leads onto this week’s guest, today I chat to the lovely Jenny who is a volunteer for The Red Box Project which is a non for profit organisation that helps supply schools with sanitary products for girls that may not have access to these products when on their period. And the stats on young girls missing school because of not having the right products when on their period i

THE LIFE BATH PODCAST S1 Ep 8: Interview with Kim Scott – These Girls Can Run

This weeks guest is the incredible Kim, the founder of the These Girls Can Run running groups. Kim chats to me about why she started running and how she built up the confidence to create this fantastic inspirational running group for ladies that might have never run before. We discuss how running helped with her mental health and how you can get involved no matter what your fitness level. I ran with these ladies when I first decided to do the Great North Run and they were so supportive. My fitness was not great and I never felt like I was left behind and it motivated me to keep going. Kim has also has started helping people with running equipment that may not have the funds to purchase them.

THE LIFE BATH PODCAST S1 Ep 7: Interview with Alex Hurley – Hotpod Yoga Newcastle

Episode 7 of The Life Bath Podcast brings you calm, relaxation with Alex Hurley, the owner of the HotPod Yoga franchise in Newcastle. If you have ever wondered what Hot Yoga is then this is the episode for you. Alex talks about the unconventional way he got into yoga and eventually becoming an instructor. He also discusses how he set up the business with HotPod Yoga, and his passion for yoga and the company really shows. Alex gives tips for beginners and ways to handle stress. I have been to many Hotpod Yoga sessions and I love it, so I was very grateful when Alex agreed to come on the podcast. I can’t recommend enough giving it a try. WHERE TO FIND HotPod Yoga Whitley Bay Studio Newcastle S

THE LIFE BATH PODCAST: S1 EP 6: Interview With Rachael – Eating Disorders and Me

In episode six of The Life Bath Podcast, I have a very open and honest conversation with Rachael, a food nutritionist that has struggled with eating disorders in the past. We both talk in detail about our disordered eating habits, and Rachael made me feel comfortable to share my own story. This was a difficult conversation, but one that needs to be discussed more. Rachael also has a great blog and Instagram while helping people make informed and healthy choices when it comes to food. Helpful resources about Easting disorders If anything discussed in this podcast episode trackers anything with you, please use the below resources. NHS – Mind – ht

THE LIFE BATH PODCAST: S1 EP 5: Interview With Helen Newman – Honestly Helen

In episode five, I bring you the lovely Helen. Helen has a blog called Honestly Helen, which is funny, witty with gritty observations of life and a sprinkling of boyband obsession. Due to this just being who Helen is in real life, we got on like a house on fire. I have enjoyed doing every episode of The Life bath podcast, but sitting down and chatting with Helen was just like talking to a life long friend over wine. Even though we had only been virtual friends up to this point. It is a great feeling when you find in a kindred spirit, and I think that come across in this episode. I love the way Helen writes her blog, and it so refreshing how honest she is. Make sure you check out her late


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