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Foreo Luna Mini 2 – Strange Gadget or Skincare Game Changer?

I have a problem when it comes to gadgets, as soon as I see one I just have to have it. If an advertiser tells me it will change my life or make mundane tasks quicker I am SOLD. However, they are usually 10 times out of 10 a total waste of money (I am still getting over the slap chop incident of 2009) anyway my failed attempted at chopped veg is not the point of this post, let me proceed. Skincare is my life at the moment, since turning 32 I decided I want to do everything possible to keep my skin young and fresh. Previous to this epiphany I had not been looking after my skin well at all, I would regularly go to bed with my makeup on, rarely moisturize and drink hardly any water, which just

7th Heaven £1 Face Masks

If you are like me, you may have seen these face masks in the shops but just overlooked them or wondered what they would be like but never actually purchased them. I absolutely love a face mask as they give me an excuse to have a “pamper night”. They can be amazing for your skin too which is ideal as I am slightly obsessed with everything skincare at the moment! My collection of face masks is vast but for years I had totally overlooked these individually packed 7th Heaven masks. I don’t know if it was because I was being a snob as I had only ever seen them in supermarkets and jumped to the conclusion they were cheap and would not be any good. I was perusing the beauty and make-up selection i


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