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Why you have to try Reflexology

I have always been intrigued about Reflexology even though I had no clue what it actually was or what it entailed. Someone touching your feet was pretty much my entire knowledge base on Reflexology, so I wanted to find out more. For the past year or so I have had horrible stomach issues, partly due to lactose intolerance but mainly due to issues with stomach acid. I was given tablets from the doctors but I really wanted to find natural remedies to control these issues. I will have a post up soon all about the right foods to eat if you suffer from stomach issues so keep an eye out for that. What is Reflexology Reflexology is a holistic therapy that has been around for centuries from ancient C

The Best Concealer Ever? – Urban Decay Naked Skin Review

If I was asked what one makeup product I could not live without, concealer would be at the top of that list. I think I have tried every concealer on the market (disclaimer this might be an exaggeration) and I have found ones I have liked and that have done the job to an extent, but after using some I have still been self-conscious about my dark under eyes or my bad skin breakouts and it felt like I was never going to find the perfect product to hide them. I have noticed my eye area changing over the last few years, and now I am over *cough* 30, I have noticed concealer I used to really love becoming cakey on my eye area and sitting in my fine lines, which obviously no one wants to happen. Fo


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