The Festive Season Has Started – Newcastle Christmas Market

I usually try and not get too festive until after my birthday on the 30th November. Once that has been I can then have a full month of excitement and doing lots of Christmas activities. However no matter how hard I try the festive spirit usual creeps in a week or two early. So after having my first Starbucks hot chocolate of the year, I thought it would be nice to have a wander around the Christmas Market at the monument in Newcastle. 

It was a crisp cold night and all the Christmas lights had been switched on and it felt magical (without sounding too cheesy). The smell from all the different food vendors was amazing and there were so many different things to eat that you might have to go every night for your tea. The confectionary isn’t out done by the savory either, there are sweets, fudge, french patisserie and the list goes on. 

I love all the little shop stands, selling beautiful handmade items and lovely Christmas present ideas. There is even a mini garden center wrapped around Grey’s Monument which completely transforms it into a festive grotto with lots of winter plants and festive garden accessories for sale.  

I had my first mulled wine of the season as well which I was very excited for, but unfortunately it had some sort of polish spirit in it and was far too strong for me, it was like downing a shot with every sip. Thom loved it though so he had both and got a little tipsy. I took a few snaps so thought I would share them and see if it gets you in the festive mood.



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