THE LIFE BATH PODCAST: S1 EP 4: Interview With Rachel Kershaw – Life in Geordieland

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

On Episode 4, I am joined by Rachel from the blog Life in Geordie Land. Rachel is an honorary Geordie and her northeast travel blog is visited by everyone looking for recommendations for things to do in the northeast, she has been in the North East for 20 years now but still has her lovely Lancashire lass accent. Rachel is also a voiceover artist which she uses her lovely accent for, it is so interesting to hear about. 

Rachel started blogging when she won a competition with Visit England to be a Fan in a Van during the Olympic torch race in 2012. Rachel spent 3 months travelling around the UK and documenting the experience, which is very interesting to listen to.

Mainly we talk about Rachels diagnosis with cervical cancer, why she is such an advocate for cervical screening and what life is like 10 years on. 

I can not stress enough how important it is to go for your cervical screening (smear test) it is a type of cancer that can be caught very early, so there is no reason us ladies shouldn’t be going every time we are due to. The Charity that really helped Rachel, that she chats about in this episode is Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust. This charity does amazing work supporting ladies with cervical cancer but they also provide help and advice at any stage even if you are just worried about attending your screening appointment. Go to their website HERE

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