Newton Hall – A Real Wedding – Jo and Shaun

Newton Hall is such a stunning wedding venue. Jo and Shaun look like they had such a fun day, this is what a good wedding is about getting your nearest and dearest together to celebrate with you and have a good time. Jo is stunning and the dress is amazing. I have no idea how she got up that tree. 

When did you and your husband meet?

Summer 2004 through mutual friends

How long were you together before you got engaged and how long were you engaged for?

8 years before we got engaged (far too long for my liking) and 18 months engaged

How did he propose?

It was a bit of a weird one as I wanted to choose the ring as it was something very important to me as it would be something I would wear for the rest of my life and I think choosing the ring is a lot of pressure for the man. I’m so glad that I did choose it as it is my favourite possession and still look at it awe every day.

We went ring shopping just simply to browse and to my shock he bought the one I liked there and then, Shaun procrastinates over everything so this was a big shock. We went to the quayside and had champagne in the Mal Maison then went and celebrated with friends and family.

Where did you get married?

Holy Trinity Church, Embleton then Newton Hall. My Dad lived in Newton Hall as a child and it was the last place he lived with his mother before she died when he was only 10 years old so it made it even more special that we were back in such a happy place for my family on such a happy day.

How many venues did you visit before you found the one?

Thousands! No seriously, a lot! We used to go out on little day trips before we got engaged to look at venues, there was nothing that I really liked as I found a lot of places quite traditional whereas Newton is quite quirky and is just a little bit more unique. Newton wasn’t actually finished when we booked it so I was booked it totally off plan and just had a feel that it was going to special and I liked the feel of the place from the outside, random I know!

Who went with you to find your wedding dress?

Everyone! My 3 friends, mother in law and mother it was too much to start off with so ended up just my mum and mother in law. I didn’t find wedding dress shopping enjoyable at all and Im still searching for that perfect dress. I ended up just getting something I was ok with and not something I loved. In hindsight I wish I had got my dress made. I saw a Vera Wang dress and wanted that but wasn’t willing to pay the 5k price tag!

What was the theme of your wedding?

There wasn’t one really as Newton is quite a shabby chic type of venue anyway. If you could call it a theme there were lots of flowers and sparkle.

What part of the planning was the most exciting for you

All of it. I love to organise things so making lists and doing things each week was the most enjoyable. I loved every part of the preparation. I would do 1 or 2 things a week so even though I was engaged for 18 months I was doing things all the time as I enjoyed it so much.

Did you do any DIY projects for your wedding

I made my own invitations but  apart from that no.

How involved was your fiancé?

Very involved which really shocked me. He wanted to be part of all of it which was really sweet, it was very much our day and things to both of our tastes.

What was the most stressful part of the wedding planning?

Probably the dress shopping as I was expecting it to be this magical moment which it wasn’t at all.  Apart from that I didn’t find the wedding stressful at all

What entertainment did you have?

A magician, live band, my photographers were entertainers! Lawn games, photo booth and props

Did everything go to plan on the big day?

Yeah, only thing was there were no speakers for the music for me to walk into the church to so the music was a bit quiet

What would you say was untraditional about your wedding?

The venue I think, I would say it was a very fun wedding, lots going on and something to entertain everybody

If you had any advice for other brides on their big day what would it be?

Enjoy it! maybe three times throughout the day just sit back and say to yourself remember this moment and try to remember what you are seeing in that moment. Those two or three snapshots of the day will stay with you, what people are doing, the noise, the smell. Its sounds very sentimental and soppy but you will remember these moments.

Where did you go on honeymoon?

Singapore- raffles hotel then Bali- Banyan Tree

Vendors Used

Photographer – Scott Spock photography

Flowers Bluebells Morpeth

Venue – Newton Hall

Caterers – Newton Hall

Entertainment –  The Imposters Band, Paul Lytton Magician

Wedding Dress – Brides Dream

Bridesmaid dress –  BHS twist and wrap dresses

Groomsmen Suites Slaters menswear, highly recommend them

Hair and Make up – Lisa Watson hair and makeup

I also had a girl who came and put me in my dress from the dress makers, that was well worth the money!

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