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Updated: Jun 17, 2020

When The Botanist first opened it was the talk of the town, mainly due to the unique building and the equally unique interior. If you grew up in Newcastle you will remember the building as the Monument Mall, I’m so glad they turned the beautiful dome on the top into a feature. 

The Botanist has been open just over a year and I frequently frequent the establishment for a cheeky cocktail. To me, the Botanist is the quintessential cocktail bar, lots of choices and a lovely environment to drink in. To my delight this week, the Botanist invited me along to sample their brand-new cocktail menu, just in time for spring and summer.

Weather permitting, the rooftop bar is beautiful. Luckily the night of this event was one of the first really nice nights weather-wise in a long time. There is also a great view out over Grey Street if you get a table close to the window.

Onto the most important part, the cocktails. 60% of the Botanist cocktail menu is new, they are trying to move away from purée based recipes and move towards fresh fruits. I think refreshing, fruit-based cocktails are a complete winner for the summer. Purée cocktails can be really heavy in my opinion and I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing but I can drink a lot more fresh juice cocktails. The kiwi one was my favorite. 

In keeping with the cocktail launch, Katherines Florists were there showing us a beautiful centerpiece display they called a cosmopolitan. I am always amazed at what people can create with flowers! They talked us through all the different types they were using and what was in season. Watching them create it while sipping on my cocktail made me feel very civilised. Thom came with me and he was talking to the florist more than anyone, he is a keen gardener so knows a bit about his flowers and plants. These photos really don’t do the finished piece justice!

Also attending the event was Jo Malone from Fenwicks. Jo Malone is a funny one for me as I have been obsessed with them for years but have never actually bought anything from them until recently. Yes, I know that makes no sense whatsoever! I was all geared up to book in for one of their bride consultations which sound amazing, however, I was in Fenwicks having a little mooch about as you do and thought I would pop into Jo Malone to have a cheeky spritz of perfume to top me up for the rest of the day. I can’t be the only one that does this? Anyway, the bottle I picked up and sprayed was Peony and Blush Suede. I instantly fell in love with the scent and went straight to the counter and bought the bottle. 

The lovely ladies that were at the Botanist that night were absolutely lovely, they explained all about Jo Malone fragrances and how they work so well layered together, hence why they were also there as you can mix the perfumes together like a cocktail. They also had a few candles burning which put me in a very happy place. 

Cocktail making was upnext. I always find it funny when there is cocktail making at parties and events as I used to do it for a living all through university. By the look of all the mess I made though I obviously have lost my touch since then! I made a delicious Sage and Watermelon cocktail, I thought the sage might be weird seeing as I have only ever had it in my stuffing with a sunday dinner (could I be any more unsophisticated?) I was incorrect though as the sage was not over powering at all and went so well with the watermelon. 

This is a short and sweet post, but finally a massive thank you to The Botanist for inviting me down to sample the new menu. I can pretty much guarantee I will be back many times over the summer. If you haven’t been her yet I definitely recommend it. You don’t even have to go as part of a night out, The Botanist is perfect for drinks on an afternoon after shopping.


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