Even though I absolutely love skincare and finding the latest must-have products, my morning skincare regime is pretty much none existent. I am 100% not a morning person and when my alarm goes off for work I will stay in bed till the last possible second to be able to get ready and get to work on time, that means showering on a night time and having no time to do anything with my skin in the morning. This is really bad as it is important to wash your face in the morning to get rid of any dirty and sweat that might have built up through the night. 

Last month I was lucky enough to be invited to the launch of a new product by Kiehls, it was a lovely evening where we were told about the new product and then had a skin consultation with one of their experts. I sat down and the first questions asked was “what is your current skin care routine?” so I went through a long list of how much I cared for my skin and all the steps I take on an evening, but then she asked “and what about on a morning?” my blank expression said it all but I responded with “Ummm, nothing” which she responded with “so you just cleanse?” I then had to admit I had absolutely no morning skincare routine. 

In the skin consultation she advised my skin was slightly dehydrated and that I really should start building in a morning routine as I would notice the difference in my skin and if I wanted to use this new product I needed to put it on cleansed skin. They were all so lovely and extraimly knowledable on all the Kiehls products.

The new product is a day oil called Daily Reviving Concentrate. This is meant to be the yin to the yang of the Midnight Recovery Oil, if you have ever tried that. So I was excited to see what it was like. 

As I mentioned it is a morning product that is meant to revive and energise your skin and help you look more radiant and youthful, which can never be a bad thing can it, and I have been looking for something that would brighten my skin as being a night owl and having to get up early can leave me looking a bit tired and dull.

The fist thing I noticed when I tried this in the store was it smells amazing, the ingredients contain Ginger root, Sunflower oil and Tamanu oil, I had to look on Wikipedia to see what that was (it’s a type of plant). The sunflower scent really comes through which makes it really refreshing. 

So I left the shop with my new product in hand, and full of good intentions to kick start my morning skincare routine. The next day I got up and the first thing I did was wash my face, which did actually wake me up more so I don’t know why I was so against having a morning routine as its just a case of getting my lazy ass out of bed 5 minutes earlier. 


The Daily Reviving Concentrate is really nice to apply, you only need a few drops so I think this bottle is going to last me ages. With having combination spot prone skin, putting an oil on can seem crazy and scary but it is a very dry oil and absorbs really quickly. I have been using this for a month now and have not noticed any breakouts or extra greasiness and the texture of my skin has improved, this is probably because I have introduced a morning routine so my skin is getting extra care. 

The one thing I have noticed is at the end of the day my skin doesn’t look as dry and dull and my makeup is sitting a lot nicer on my skin and for longer. Overall I think this is a great product and definitely awakens your skin on a morning. It is a slightly indulgent product and I didn’t get instant WOW results from it, but from prolonged use it definitely improved my skin and I am still using it every day.

Have you tried this yet? If you liked this post it would mean alot if you could let me know if the comments below. 

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