Is Kiehl’s a good brand for acne prone skin?

Up until last week I had never really looked into this brand, for a long time I have been using a skin care brand called Arbonne which I still love but I thought I would try something new. 

Kiehl’s was recommended to me by Amanda Bell who is a fabulous make-up artist, she had used the Over-Night Biological Peel and said it was amazing. I was in need of a serum to try that would even out my skin tone as after a bought of adult acne a few years ago and still getting spots I have been left with discolouration and scarring (I am unfortunately one of those people that just cant leave a spot alone). 

I went into my local Kiehl’s store which is a brand new one in Newcastle. The shop itself is really fun and bright, we were greeted by Ryan in a white lab coat looking very scientific; I always laugh when I see staff in stores in white doctor/scientist type jackets! I know its all meant to make you feel that you should really trust them as they look all official thus making you want to purchase from them but honestly I don’t buy into all that, I just want to hear reviews from people on their experience of using a product and then try it myself to see if it works for me. 

In this circumstance though when Ryan started talking to us I could tell he really knew what he was talking about. Of course he wanted us to buy something as thats his job but I didn’t feel like he was just bigging up every product, he really wanted to know what I was trying to achieve and my problem areas.

I went for the Over-Night Biological Peel as I love face masks so one that boasts the following is a winner for me:

  1. An oil-free, gentle overnight peel that helps exfoliate away dead surface skin cells and other impurities.

  2. Helps to reduce the overall appearance of pores, leaving texture softer, more even, and looking vibrant after first use.

  3. Minimizes the appearance of pigmentation and small marks.

  4. May be used by all skin types.

Ryan was also really kind to give me a few samples of their other products, these included the Midnight Recovery Oil, Ultra Facial Cream and Powerful Strength Line Reducing Concentrate.

1. Overnight Biological Peel. I was so excited to try this as I love anything that peels the skin and gets rid of that dead top layer. I have used this about 6-7 times since I bought it, it is not harsh on the skin so I use it every other day (when I remember). You put this on before you go to bed and wash it off in the morning, it doesn’t dry completely so when you go to bed it does go on the pillow a little bit. My skin definately feels smoother and looks more even though I don’t feel like it has helped a great deal with pigmentation and marks mainly because after I started using these products I had a big break out. 

I didn’t think at 30 spots would still be something I would have to deal with but I have been able to control it really well over the passed few years.

2. Midnight Recovery Oil. I think this was the product that made me break out, I stopped using all the products together when the spots appeared and on its own the Overnight Biological Peel was great for my skin, so I took a break from that and just used the midnight recovery oil. Every day after I used it I would break out. I am devastated that my skin had this reaction as the buzz about this product is huge and for 99% of people this is a fantastic product.

3. Powerful Strength Line Reducing Concentrate. The way this goes on feels a lot like a primer as it makes the surface of the skin very smooth. I am still on the fence about this one, yes my skin feels soft after using it and it didn’t cause my skin to break out but I didn’t see any difference in line reduction but I may not be the greatest candidate as even though I am 30 I am fortunate to have no wrinkles or lines. 

4. Ultra Facial Cream. Not much to say about this product apart from it is just a really nice moisturiser, my skin felt soft and when used on its own was not one of the products to break me out. I will be getting a full size of this once my L’ocertain one runs out.

Overall I am really happy with this brand and glad I discovered it, I think I will try more things from their different ranges to try and see what is best suited to my skin. So my recommendation is definitely to run out right now and get the Overnight Biological Peel and then try and get some samples of the rest to try them on your skin.

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