Foreo Luna Mini 2 – Strange Gadget or Skincare Game Changer?

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

I have a problem when it comes to gadgets, as soon as I see one I just have to have it. If an advertiser tells me it will change my life or make mundane tasks quicker I am SOLD. However, they are usually 10 times out of 10 a total waste of money (I am still getting over the slap chop incident of 2009) anyway my failed attempted at chopped veg is not the point of this post, let me proceed.

Skincare is my life at the moment, since turning 32 I decided I want to do everything possible to keep my skin young and fresh. Previous to this epiphany I had not been looking after my skin well at all, I would regularly go to bed with my makeup on, rarely moisturize and drink hardly any water, which just manifested in bumpy, dull spot prone skin. So back in August, I made it my mission to learn more about my skin and what products were out there. Spinning all the way back to my love of crazy gadgets I discovered the Foreo Luna Mini 2, a face washing tool that is made of silicone and vibrates while you use it, sounds crazy but you have come this far so stay with me. 

I had always been interested in the Clarisonic but I didn’t like the fact you always have to change the brush heads, I need things to be low maintenance for me to keep up with them, and I also wanted to try something a bit different. I stumbled upon the Foreo Luna Mini 2, like most things in my life via someone on YouTube and was so intrigued to try it out for myself.

There is a very big argument for and against electric face washing tools and I do understand both sides, they can be very abrasive on your skin but they can also clean deep for a more thorough wash, I am far from an expert though so I can only tell you how this worked for my skin and hopefully help you make a decision on whether to purchase one or not.  

First Impressions

The Luna Mini 2 is made from silicone and on each side of the small gadget is different bobbly bits (technical) each of differing sizes. The different sizes are supposed to do different things to your face as it cleans but if I am honest I only ever use the flat smaller side as it just feels more natural holding it that way. The tip is for more precision cleaning for example around your nose.

You press it on, and it starts to lightly vibrate, the company call this T-Sonic pulsation and this is what gives you that deeper clean and supposedly will remove blemish-causing impurities significantly more effectively than washing by hand.

There is a plus and minus sign either side of the ON button which you can regulate the vibration speed, I feel these are totally pointless as I have always had mine on full and never needed it to be anything else.

You want to remove your makeup first and then use the Luna Mini as part of a second cleanse. Put on your usual cleanser and then rub the Luna Mini on your face in circular motions, it will pause slightly every 15 seconds to indicate you should move onto another section of your face. At first, this will seem really weird and you do think “why am I rubbing this odd-looking vibrating stone on my face” but eventually you get used to it.

The Luna Mini 2 is meant to last up to 7 months without needing to be recharged, I can confirm I use mine at least once a day and in 5 months it has still never needed to be re-charged.


Right off the bat, I will say I absolutely love using the Luna Mini 2 and the biggest testament to this is that 5 months later it is still very much part of my everyday skincare routine and isn’t sitting in a draw or back of a cupboard somewhere. My skin is a lot smoother and in much better condition. I also have not found it to be too abrasive for my skin or cause any damage.

The only problem with understanding the results is that at the time I started using the Luna Mini I also completely overhauled my whole skincare routine, using new products and adding in a lot more serums, retinol’s, cleansing balms and exfoliators. There is no way of knowing if my skin would still be in just as good condition if I hadn’t introduced the Luna Mini 2 and I had just used my new products with a normal face cloth. Personally, I do think the Luna Mini 2 has made a big difference, I have fewer blackheads, especially around my nose, and plus I just really enjoy using it.

Value for Money

The Luma Mini 2 is expensive, like most electronic beauty tools. Currently, it is £95 on Amazon, which is where I got mine. I have to say though I have been using it nearly every day for 5 months and it has zero maintenance for example not having to change the brushes and not having to charge it all the time. I think it is 100% worth the money but I can’t say 100% this gadget has changed my skin however, it has definitely contributed to its current good condition.

So to conclude, I do recommend the Foreo Luna Mini 2, and I think it is a skincare game-changer where technology and skincare work hand in hand amazingly well.

Let me know in the comments below your favourite beauty gadgets, do you have a strange obsession with crazy gadgets like me?


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