As You Like It Jesmond – A Real Wedding – Jenna & Sean

So happy to bring this wedding to the blog. Jenna and Sean are a beautiful couple and look like have just stepped out of a catalogue. As an ex Emirates air hostess, Jenna was always going to make the day look stunningly put together

When did you and your husband meet?

Me and Shaun first met when we both worked at players bar in Newcastle. He didn’t really speak to me much at first and then out of the blue he asked me on a date, his words were “if I buy you some flowers in the shape of a J will you come on a date with me” I didn’t agree to a date right away, few weeks later we went on our first date.

How long were you together before you got engaged and how long were you engaged for?

We first met when we were 22 we have been dating off and on for 6 years. Shaun proposed in December 2013 and we got married July 2015. 

How did he propose?

A. Shaun proposed on Christmas Day 2013. I remember reminding Shaun on Christmas Eve to turn his alarm off so that it did not wake us up at 7am. Typical at 7am his alarm went off, Shaun knows how much I hate to be disturbed when sleeping so I think this was part of his plan. I shouted “turn that off” it was pitch black and I rolled over to go back to sleep. I then heard Shaun whisper I need a favour I said no I am sleeping. I then heard well that’s a real shame because I was about to ask you to marry me. This woke me up instantly and I turn to see Shaun on one knee. 

Where did you get married?

We got married at As you like it in Jesmond.

How many venues did you visit before you found the one?

We visited around 5 other venues, and I almost chose Linden Hall but when I saw As you like it I was sold. It was everything I was looking for in a venue current with a vintage twist.

Who went with you to find your wedding dress?

My mam came with me to every appointment. I knew what I was looking for and when I found my dress I just fell in love and I remember my mam saying “that’s the one” she rang my dad instantly to tell him I had found the dress and how much it was going to cost him ha ha. 

What was the theme of your wedding?

The theme was vintage chic. With my venue already having the perfect backdrop, I did not need to do a lot to make my venue come alive. 

What part of the planning was the most exciting for you?

I was most excited when I  picked out my dress and also going to all the appointments to try it on again and again. This process made me feel like a princess. 

Did you do any DIY projects for your wedding?

My nana made all of my save the date invitations and my uncle made all of my day time and night time invitations. I did not do any of my own DIY as such however I did pick out and buy all of my own venue decorations.

How involved was your fiancé?

A. To be honest not much at all. He made sure we had music for the nighttime and also alcohol for all the tables. His main job was to just turn up on the day. 

What was the most stressful part of the wedding planning?

The most stressful part for me was the table plans. Making sure I had the correct meal choice for everyone and that they were sat on the correct tables. Other than that I really enjoyed planning our wedding.

What entertainment did you have?

I had a Magician for my day time, guests. On the night time, I had a photo booth and sweet cart along with a DJ.

Did everything go to plan on the big day?

Yes, thank fully. It is just a lovely feeling once you see all of your hard work pay off.

What would you say was non-traditional about your wedding?

I did not get married in a church, which some might say is not very traditional. I also wore a non-traditional dress which had no back and covered in beading. Apart from that everything else was pretty traditional. 

If you had any advice for other brides on their big day what would it be?

I would say enjoy every minute as the day goes so quickly. Try not to worry because everything will be perfect on the day. 

Where did you go on honeymoon?

We went to Las Vegas first for 5 nights. We then travelled onto Hawaii for 8 nights. It was the perfect end to a perfect wedding and I would highly recommend these places to anyone.

Vendors Used 

Photographer – Ethie Franklin

Flowers – The Garden Studio 

Venue – As you like it

Caterer’s – As you like it 

Entertainment – Magician Paul Lytton and Deluxe Occasions 

Chair covers – Deluxe Occasions

Wedding Dress – Essence of Australia

Bridesmaid dress – in one clothing

Groomsmen Suits – Slaters 

Cake – Kellyanne cakes 

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