Adventures at High Force Waterfall

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

I think I need to start this post with a confession! Thom and I caught the hiking bug recently but the only reason we did was because of Pokemon Go! Yes, the app that drove everyone crazy for 3 weeks then everyone got bored of it and stopped playing. Luckily, we kept hiking! 

Don’t get me wrong, we are still immensely wet behind the ears when it comes to hiking, but we both bought a pair of hiking boots and an all-weather jacket, and now think we can take on anything!  We live in a perfect location for day-trips out hiking and I love discovering new places.  

I had never heard of High Force waterfall until recently and could not wait to go and experience it for myself after seeing photos. HighForce is located on the River Tees in the North Pennines Area of Outstanding Beauty (how amazing does that sound?), and I have to say it does live up to its name. We drove from Newcastle across the A69 and then through the Pennines which takes about an hour and 20 minutes but the view is beautiful, just watch out for the sheep that like to stand on the road or walk across at a moment’s notice… I was glad I wasn’t driving!

High Force is really easy to find when you arrive you pull into the car park and purchase your ticket for the waterfall which is £1.50. I think this is extremely reasonable as it allows them to look after the waterfall and keep it accessible to everyone.

There are two ways you can go; you can walk across the road to High Force and see the huge waterfall from the bottom, or you can walk via Low Force and then look at High force from the top. We decided to do both, and so headed to High Force first.

It was absolutely stunning, the noise of the rushing water was exhilarating! There are some rocks down to the river that people were climbing on and I am sure when it is hot people get in, you just have to be so careful as the current is very strong and rocks are always falling from the cliffs surrounding the falls.

After admiring the falls and taking a few photos we walked back the way we came and then on to Low Force. This trail takes you along the river, over a bridge and upwards so you can see High Force from above. This view is not for the faint-hearted as there are no railings just a steep drop to the water below, does anyone else get that weird feeling like you want to jump (not in a morbid way) when you are high up like that or am I just a bit strange?

We wanted to stop for a picnic we had made and thought we would keep walking and follow the signs for the circle route. We thought as the name was ‘circle’ we would be fine and find ourselves back where we began. Unfortunately, neither of us had a map or a single clue where we were going so we kept walking…..and walking……and walking! Once we ran out of trail and were climbing over fences and into fields with menacing-looking cows in it we thought we may be off that so-called ‘circle-route’.

Luckily we had some of the most incredible scenery to look at while we panicked about being lost in the Pennines forever, I couldn’t believe this place was so close to home yet we had never been. Just as we were about to give up and walk all the way back the way we came (8 miles) we turned a corner and we were in the car park at High Force, I could not stop laughing as it was like something out of a comedy film. I have never been happier to see our little red car.

I hope you enjoyed this short, mainly photographic blog post. Let me know if you have ever been to High Force Waterfall and even if you have been lost in the wilderness thinking that you were about to perish!


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