A LUSH Treat – Bath Bombs

Having a nice, hot bath can be an amazingly relaxing experience, especially at this time of year, and there is only one item that makes the perfect bath and that is a LUSH bath bomb. I never used to like baths and I totally get why people don’t, but when I run a red hot bath, put in a bath bomb and sit watching YouTube videos I can be in there for hours. That is no exaggeration, Thom often has to come and check I haven’t melted away.

I always need to have LUSH bath bombs in the house, I could go as far as writing them into my monthly spending budget! That’s a lie I am so not disciplined enough to have a monthly spending budget… I have used other brands and I do absolutely love supporting the smaller, independent companies and the amazing people that handmake all their own to sell, but none of them can 100% compete with LUSH.

I know in the blogger world LUSH posts are everywhere, but with it getting near to Christmas I thought I would show you a few I’ve bought that would be an amazing gift for the holiday season. Also, LUSH do lots of prepacked Christmas gift sets but I think handpicking a few and then putting them in your own box with some nice tissue paper would be lovely.

So, the first bath bomb I purchased was a new one for me: Intergalactic looks amazing and I was drawn to the bright colours and glitter which is pretty standard when choosing my bath bombs from LUSH. I never look at what is in them and how they will help my skin, I literally have a two-step process for choosing: 1. Looks pretty 2. Smells nice. and then it gets put in the basket. All LUSH products make your skin feel amazing, that’s just a given.

I then picked up another new one: Cinders is a lot spicier than what I usually get but the cinnamon reminded me of a Chai tea latte and who wouldn’t want to sit in a giant Chai tea latte? An old favourite was next on the list: Sex Bomb smells exactly like the Palmer Violet sweets I used to eat as a kid, it is a very floral smell and so unbelievably relaxing.

Obviously, I then had to purchase two Christmas themed bath bombs which were: Golden Wonder, this is in the shape of a present, and Dashing Santa, which is of course,  in the shape of Father Christmas himself. I like to keep these until the week leading up to Christmas and have a long bath with some mulled wine, but seeing as it is only the 16th November today I may not be able to hold off using them. My LUSH tastes are definitely on the more fruity side, I am not keen on the more musky perfume smells, so if you are the same these bath bombs are probably ideal for you.

Lastly is the little Robot which is one I always buy for Thom, I think its a little more manly for him. The little guy now has a snapped off head though as I dropped him after I took these pictures, whoops!

When it comes to displaying my bath bombs I like to give them pride of place in the bathroom, as they are so pretty, why have them in a cupboard waiting to be used? They also make your bathroom smell amazing. You do need to be careful of condensation though as if there are there for a long time they can start to crumble a little bit.

Thanks for reading and I would love to know your fave LUSH baths bombs in the comments below.



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