7th Heaven £1 Face Masks

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

If you are like me, you may have seen these face masks in the shops but just overlooked

them or wondered what they would be like but never actually purchased them.

I absolutely love a face mask as they give me an excuse to have a “pamper night”. They can be amazing for your skin too which is ideal as I am slightly obsessed with everything skincare at the moment!

My collection of face masks is vast but for years I had totally overlooked these individually packed 7th Heaven masks. I don’t know if it was because I was being a snob as I had only ever seen them in supermarkets and jumped to the conclusion they were cheap and would not be any good.

I was perusing the beauty and make-up selection in ASDA one day (I must have had some money burning a hole in my pocket…) and saw one of the 7th Heaven peel-off masks for only £1. I decided to take the plunge, it wouldn’t break the bank if I didn’t like it and peel-off masks are so much fun! Is it weird that I get so much pleasure from peeling them off…?

First Impressions 

I picked up a selection of masks so that I could try them a few times to really test them out, and to see if they improved my skin at all. They have plenty to choose from in the 7th Heaven range; they don’t just do peel-off masks, they have a mud mask and one that heats up while you put it on which feels strange but very indulgent. I was completely wrong in my assumption that they were just cheap supermarket face-masks, they smell amazing and they really do work.


After using the peel-off masks a few times, I saw improvements in the texture of my skin and the size of my pores. The mud masks are great for detoxifying the skin and helped to leave my face relatively spot free, which annoyingly I still have issues within my 30s. There is not much else to say on the results, it was really that simple.

Value for Money

I wondered for a while if these are good value for money; £1 doesn’t sound a lot but that is just for one use when I purchase a £20 – £30 tube or pot face mask do I get 20 – 30 applications? The convenience of individually packaged face masks is great as well, they are perfect for taking on holiday or trips away. I have been taking them with me when I travel with work, and I never have to worry at customs if it is the oversized as they are only 10ml each.

I am also a big fan of the fact that they are Peta approved. I can’t preach about this as I am sure there are products I use that are not Peta approved, but it’s nice to see a less expensive brand still producing a good product that doesn’t need to be tested on animals.

You can get these masks in pretty much any beauty department of any supermarket but also online. Excitingly they have started doing tubes of face masks, so if you have a favourite one and want to purchase a large size to get more value for money you now can.

Let me know in the comments below if you have tried these before and what you think.


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