3 Tops For Self-Love, Self-Confidence & Body Positivity

3 Tops For Self-Love, Self-Confidence & Body Positivity

In the age of filters, Photoshop and Instagram influencers, it can be all too easy to judge yourself and feel down about your appearance, lifestyle or financial situation. As social media highlights staged, aspirational images, that only ever represent a snapshot of someone’s life, many women struggle with self-confidence and body image. Thankfully, many of us have finally come to our senses and have been able to see past the selfies, edited images and body goal hashtags, and have decided to take a stance against all this trickery. The body-positive movement has started to gain momentum online, with no sign of slowing down. Helping women support each other, respect one another and understand the importance of self-love, at The Life Bath, we are seriously here for it! If you’re also inspired by the raw and unfiltered real women out there showing us how to be confident and respect our bodies, you’re going to love our new range of t-shirts. Helping us all to accept what we’ve been blessed with, here are three t-shirts from the range that have been designed with self-love, self-confidence and body positivity in mind.

Self-confidence Is Key

Stop scrolling through social media and comparing yourself to other people! You are unique and beautiful just the way you are. Our ‘Perfection’ t-shirt is so relatable to many women who struggle with their body image and low self-esteem. Those uncomfortable days where we just don’t feel quite ourselves. Whether you’re feeling self-conscious, anxious or worried about what people think, a negative body image can be a frustrating feeling to deal with. Designed to empower women to take back control, and not allow others to dictate what is beautiful, and how they feel about their bodies. Remember you are blessed with an incredible body and it deserves love and respect, and so do you!

Believe In Yourself

We all have those little moments of self-doubt. Whether it’s before an interview, putting together an outfit or daring to bare all in a bikini on holiday. This t-shirt from The Life Bath has been creatively designed to reassure women from all walks of life that you have the power to do anything you want in life. Practice self-love by repeating a positive mantra to yourself if you start to question your capabilities such as ‘ You can do this. You have everything you need to succeed. 'You’ve totally got this!’ Our self-love t-shirt is now available online.

Support & Respect Eachother

Even in the 21st century, women are still judged. Whether it be their life choices, the clothes they decide to wear, or if they are planning to settle down. Women receive enough criticism in life without other women joining in too. This empowering t-shirt in our womenswear collection represents self-love and respecting women. We are strong, wonderful and completely unique and when we stand together, nothing can stand in our way! Wear this beautiful t-shirt with ‘Women for womenslogan with your favourite jeans for a relaxed look. Available online in six stunning colours and a range of sizes.

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