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The Life Bath Podcast is coming...

It is here, it's finally a thing an actual thing! The Life Bath podcast has been born, and I use the phrase born as it really is my baby. I have watched my lovely husband record, edit and produce the amazing Gonarch's Lair podcast and I thought, "I want to get myself one of those", and while we were walking the dog a few months ago, the idea for The Life Bath podcast was conceived (these metaphors are starting to get weird so I'll stop).

The Life Bath Podcast is going to be a chatty lifestyle podcast where I interview amazing people about their life, career, passions and especially how they navigate through this crazy thing we call life. I have so many fantastic guests lined up from local North East Bloggers to Entrepreneurs and people with life stories to share, even my husband might make a cheeky appearance at some point.   

It will be available on lots of different podcast platforms so just check the one you usually listen to podcasts on and just search The Life Bath Podcast. If you are new to the world of podcasts but want to listen to ours, because it will be so incredible, then I have left some links below and you can pick the one you want to use. 

Listen to the trailer now to get a teaser of what to expect.....enjoy and let me know what you think by tweeting me.


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