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The Simplest Way to Change Your Name After Getting Married

When I got married in June I don't think I actually thought about the whole name changing element. Obviously, I knew I was going to change my name but the work involved never crossed my mind until I actually started doing it. I started writing a list of everything I could think of that had my name on and that list started getting longer and longer; so I thought maybe Thom could just change his name instead, that way he can do the work and not me! Unfortunately, he wasn't up for this idea.

As with anything in my life I needed to find the simplest and quickest way to get this done, and like magic (I am sure Facebook can now look into our minds) I saw an advert for My Married Name Change which claims to make changing your name after you get married an easy and quick process. I decided to take a look, as my list of 'things I need to change my name on' was making my head hurt. 

Navigating around the My Married Name Change website was really simple and easy and finding out what they could actually do for me was quick to see, which is always a bonus when you have an attention span like mine.

So what can they actually do? Well, My Married Name Change will provide you with everything you need to change your name with all the companies/agencies/governing bodies that require the update. They supply pre-written letters, emails and even send you the correct forms for the companies that don't accept letters, for example, your passport or driving license. You can either choose to print the letters off yourself or you can receive them printed in the post with envelopes to make it even easier to send out. 

When you sign up you complete a few forms with all of your details and your new married name etc, you then select everyone you want to change your name with. This list is extensive which is fantastic as you can select every one you have accounts with for example any of the UK Government Departments, Banking, credit cards, home insurance, TV packages, Energy companies... the list goes on.

I went through this full process and straight away I received the letter and email templates into my inbox, which meant I could start contacting any companies that accepted emails right away. Roughly 7 days later I received my pack in the post, all the letters were addressed to each company with my details printed on them. Literally, the only thing I needed to do was add in any account numbers and sign the letters, it was so simple.

This is a chargeable service and I know exactly what you are all thinking as I thought the same when I first saw this website "why pay to do this? Just write the letters yourself!" Now, if you have all the time in the world and love admin it is a fair comment, however, if you have no desire to scroll through websites or wait in call queues trying to find the right addresses to send name change letters to then this service is perfect for you.

I sent off all my letters gradually as some require your marriage certificate and even though we got a spare one on the wedding day it took time to send off and then receive back. Most companies don't need this, for example, our Energy and Water company, Virgin Media and most other companies that just provide a similar, chargeable service.

The price varies with how much you want them to do but the top package is only £34.99, considering how easy this service was and how quickly I got my name changed on everything I believe it is worth every penny. 

Overall I could not be happier and I am now officially Mrs Hurst on all my accounts/ID with no stress and worry that I missed something.

I think if you have just got married or will be soon, you really need to look into this service with My Married Name Change.

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*I was provided with the top package for free to review but I am always 100% honest in my reviews


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  1. I could have used this service when I got married 4 years ago! What a great way to have everything under one roof!


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