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Must have Summer Beauty Essentials

Hi everyone, so sticking to my blogging schedule has been a little difficult, I have been trying to become more organised but I think baby steps are in order as I am the most unorganised person ever. The #nebloggers chat on Wednesday has helped me so much, Samantha from North East Family Fun is so amazing for blog advice so I am extra motivated now. If you are a blogger in the North East I totally recommend getting involved in the Twitter chats. 

So on that note I know it is August now but I love Summer, it is my favourite season. It makes me happy, gives me energy and is just so nice. The issue with this is that I live in the UK and on top of that I live in the North East so hot weather is a rare site, apart from that one day when it is 26 Degrees and I'm stuck in the office all day! However, regardless of these facts I still like getting prepared for summer and I have a few essentials I have grown to love and can't be without especially during the hot months (or hot day in the UK) 

Benefit POREfessional - Keeping my makeup in place is probably the first essential of summer, I don't like wearing a lot in the summer but I do like what I do wear to stay on my face. This is one of the best primers I have used, it is really smooth and does what it says on the tin and reduces the size of your pores. I think I am going to try the Smash Box one though as I have heard great things about that one. Have you tried the Smash Box primer?

Nars Sheer Glow- It might seem strange not to love a tinted moisturiser or a powder foundation in summer, but I just love this foundation it is one of my newest finds, even though I am a bit late to jump on this bandwagon.  My skin is good at the minute so I don't need as much coverage but I still have redness and scars from old spots so I prefer to cover these with a really light layer of foundation. This one leaves my skin nice and dewy which I love in the summer

Mac Cream blush- Something Special is such a pretty pink colour and the texture is really nice and... creamy (without stating the obvious)! I want to do my make up as quickly as possible in the summer as that means more time outside, so a cream blush is perfect. I just run two fingers across the blush and dab it onto my cheeks, this also leaves a nice dewy look to the skin. 

Laura Mercier Face illuminator - Indiscretion. I don't like to contour in the summer, I like to keep things simple, but I still like a highlight glow to my skin, this illuminator is just stunning. It gives me just the right amount of glow to make you look nice and sun-kissed. I am just completely in love with it, I sometimes just like to sit and look at it (is that weird?). 

Mac lipstick - Cream Cup has been my summer lipstick for about 5 years now, as you can see I am due another one soon. This colour looks stunning when you have a bit of a tan, I always take this one on holiday with me.

By Terry eyeshadow stick - I am seeing a theme of creamy products in this post but they do actually work really well on my skin in the summer. I had never heard of By Terry until recently, I think it was Vivianna Does Make Up that first told me about the brand (ha ha, I said that like I actually know her and she just writes her blog for me, that is untrue). I was never really a cream eyeshadow lover, I thought they would just rub off or crease on my lids but this one has proved me wrong. It lasts all day and this colour is really buildable so I usually wear this during the day just on its own blended in well and then also wear it as a base for going out makeup. They set really quickly so be careful if you swatch these in the shop as I tried every colour on the back of my hand to see which shade I wanted, went to pay, and tried to rub them off but they were not going anywhere so I had to walk round with these multicolored lines all over my left hand! 

Arbonne Liquide Sunshine - A false tan is a must for me in the summer, I love having a tan but (here comes that pesky fact again) I live in the North East of England so to get a natural tan without going on holiday is so hard. Arbonne isn't a very familiar name to a lot of people but I have been using their products for years now. They are mainly a skin care and cosmetics company that also sell health and nutrition products. All their products are vegan and natural with no nasty chemicals, some of their products have been true life-savers for me especially when I was breaking out really badly. Their sunless tan is amazing, I have tried so many fake tans and they all look orange and streaky after and never last very long. This one is so easy to apply, it dries really quickly and only slightly smells of digestive biscuits/popcorn ( I think it is impossible to ever stop that with any tan). They recently reformulated it so it's not white anymore, which I find much better as you can see where you are putting it. It develops within 2 hours as well so is really quick. 


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