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Bobbie Brown - A Perfect Eye Trio

I have never actually owned any Bobbie Brown products, I'm not sure why, there was just other brands I was more interested in and it isn't the cheapest of brands out there. Now that I am on the wrong side of 30 (cries) I need to pay more attention to my skin especial my under eye area. 

For forever I have just used the same concealer on everything, under eyes, spots and redness. My favourite cheap concealer is the Collections Lasting Perfections but little did I know there was a world of correctors and illuminating concealers out there just waiting for me. 
I have also never consistently used an eye cream either and I started thinking I had a massive problem after purchasing one of those horrible magnifying mirrors which, by the way, is a terrible idea, never buy one you become paranoid about every little blemish and unless someone walks around looking at you with a magnifying glass then they won't see what you do.

Putting the magnifying mirror to one side I do have an issue with dark circles, they just look horrible so I needed a cover up product but also something that could actually help them go away.

Dark Circles 

Dark circles under your eye can be a huge pain in the behind, they can make you look tired and even aged. There are ways to combat dark circles, but unfortunately they can be down to your genes as dark circles are a result of the thin layer of skin under your eyes showing the blood vessels more clearly than anywhere else, so just blame your parents. That's pretty much the only sciencey sounding information I know on the subject, but good hydration and more sleep can definitely help them. 

Lots of beauty companies claim their product is the most amazing thing to combat your dark circles and I have used lots of them in the past and they did absolutely bugger all, but due to the hype and all the good reviews I had seen about these 3 products from Bobbie Brown I thought they deserved my time.

They one I was most excited about was the Hydrating Eye Cream, I have seen lots of YouTubers and Bloggers talk about this eye cream like it is made of magic, so this was first on my shopping list.
I was adamant that I would use this every day and night so I could see if it actually does what it is suppose to do, and 1 week in I have stuck to it and I can say I have seen results. My eyes are a lot less puffy and the fine lines under my waterline are slowly starting to fade. I have been drinking a lot more water recently which might have something to do with it but the dark circles are a little less prominent. its a nice consistency as well and rubs in beautifully.

I am under no illusion that the hydrating eye cream is going to make my dark circles disappear so covering them up is as important as well. Usually, I would just use an all round concealer but the lovely lady in Bobbie Brown showed me the Colour Corrector. The purpose of this product is to counteract the blue tones under the eye, neutralise dark circles and brighten the eyes, what more could a girl want.

I have to be honest I struggled with this product, its just really thick and to start with I had issues blending it in without pulling at my undereye. I have been patient with it though and if I pat it in and then blend with a brush it works really well and I do see the difference, more than just using a concealer on its own.

You don't need to get the Bobbie Brown Concealer Kit as well as the colour corrector as any concealer works well with it but I didn't have a good brightening concealer. The concealer kit comes with the concealer and also a setting powder, is it excessive to have an individual eye setting powder? I am not sure. I had the same issue with this as I did the corrector, it is just really thick and I find it hard to blend. That being said it is a great concealer once blended and it last all day, I think the powder helps keep it in place.

If you get the chance and have issues with under eye circles I would recommend these 3 products but my favorite has to be the eye cream, it really does work.

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  1. I've not used this brand before, but will be browsing there the next time I'm in town. My under eye bags are huge (mother of baby and toddler) and I need something to make me look less tired and old!


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