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Space.NK.apothecary - The First Edition Beauty Box

Over the last few years, beauty boxes have become all the rage, I have subscribed to plenty myself from Glossy Box to My Little Box and much more. I have never really stuck to having them every month, I usually keep it going for a few months but then when I have to start raining in my spending these are always the first things to get the chop.
If you don't know what a beauty box is it is usually a subscription service where every month you receive a little box full of beauty products. These usually travel size with some companies putting in the odd full sized products, you are also always guaranteed the contents is worth more than the price you paid. Everything is a surprise and you don't know what you are getting until you open it up, this can be really exciting but, unfortunately, can also be disappointing at times.

I actually only discovered Space.NK apothecary a few weeks ago. I had heard of them before but didn't realise there was one in Newcastle where I live, this was an exciting moment. I am officially addicted to the place (when I have spare money to splurge!).

I was lucky enough to get my hands on Space.NK's new beauty box, they sold out very quickly which is no surprise as even on the website they looked amazing. Once I ordered it I could not believe how quickly it came, I ordered it on a Tuesday morning and I received it Wednesday morning and I only paid for normal delivery; amazing service!

Before I tell you what was in the box I thought I would give you a quick comparison to a usual beauty box:

First of all, there's the price, the usual range for a standard beauty box is £10 - £14 plus delivery, and this one is £55 plus delivery, however, the Space.NK box has a massive 11 products in it compared to the usual 5 in a standard box. Also, Space.NK stock high-end beauty products so the value of the box is much higher. You get £175 worth of products for the £55 you pay.

You do not subscribe to this box, you just purchase it while stock lasts which I really like. You are not committing to anything that you need to remember to cancel.

Even though I couldn't find a full list on the website of what was going to be in the box it wasn't a total surprise as they put a photo of products all together on the website. It is exciting when a beauty box is a surprise but when you are paying £55 for one I think you do need a teaser to make you buy. Plus I had forgotten what I had seen on the website by the time it came anyway so it was mega exciting.

The Packaging

The actual box itself is beautiful and is a really high standard. It's not just a shoe box painted in pretty colours, it has a magnetised lid and everything (I'm easily pleased). The contents are secured with tissue paper and then all the products are laid out inside.

What's Inside?

1. ALGENIST - Genius Ultimate Anti-Aging Cream -
2. AROMATHERAPY ASSOCIATES - Inner Strength Bath & Shower oil
3. CAUDALIE - Divine Oil
4. DIPTYQUE - Baies Candle
5. EVE LOM - Cleanser with Muslin Cloth
6. MALIN + GOETZ - Vitamin B5 Body Moisturizer
7. MARGARET DABBS - Intensive Treatment Foot Oil
8. ORIBE - Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil
9. SARAH CHAPMAN - Skinesis Overnight Facial
10. SUNDAY RILEY - Good Genes Treatment
11. NUDE - Progenius Treatment Oil

Along with the products and the explanation card you also get free delivery on your next Space.NK order if you want to purchase the full sized version.

So what have I tried so far? 

I have used the Eve Lom cleanser, only once but it made my skin really soft. 

I then used the Algenist face cream, this has a really strong perfume smell that put me off at first but i like how soft it made my skin. 

Next I tried the Sunday Riley treatment, I do not like the smell of this at all it is so strong but my skin did look brighter the next morning so I might have to deal with that smell for beautiful skin, lol! 

I can't wait to use the rest and as I have only used the above products once let me know in the comments below if you want a more specific product review on any of them.

Final thoughts

I will 100% be purchasing this box again, I am not actually sure how regularly they are releasing them. I probably could not afford to buy this monthly due to the price but I think as a bimonthly or quarterly box this will be a great investment as you get so many brands to try and the sizes are very generous. 

So I am very happy and excuse me while I run a bath to try the Aromatherapy Associates bath oil........and relax.


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