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Green Ginger Energy Smoothie

I have always owned smoothie makers. I have a habit of buying kitchen gadgets and using them once then getting bored of them, so when I advised Thom I was purchasing the NutriBullet his eyes rolled in his head. Was this going to be another unused machine cluttering the kitchen? 

I had my eye on the NutriBullet for a long time as it looked amazing (I'm a sucker for an infomercial) but the price always put me off as £100 for a blender is a bit steep. However, I was given some vouchers from work so I thought this was going to be the only chance I would have of getting one. Technically it only cost me £30 so this is how I justified it and it will help me focus on getting healthy. 

Having used it for a few weeks now I absolutely love it. The NutriBullet blends everything to such a smooth consistency which means you can put nuts and seeds in it and they get are all blended up. Even the 'eye roller' himself has started using it for breakfast smoothies! 

I can do a full review of the NutriBullet if people want that, let me know in the comments below.

So I thought I would share the smoothies I am making and add a recipes section to the blog. This is my first one so let me know what you think.

Green Ginger Energy Smoothie

The way I have been creating these smoothie recipes is very complex, I find things in the fridge and stick them in and hope for the best :-)

This smoothie is great as ginger has so many health benefits. It is great for your digestive system and helps the absorption of essential nutrients in the body. 


I measure everything in handfuls (note: I do have little hands!)
  • Raspberries: small handful
  • Strawberries: small handful
  • Spinach: large handful
  • Pear: half a pear
  • Ginger: a thin slice (add more if you like ginger)
  • Ice Cubes: 3 or 4 
  • Unflavoured Protein Powder: one scoop (you do not need to add this step if you don't use protein powder)
  • Water: to the max line if using a NutriBullet 


I think Smoothie directions are self-explanatory, just put everything into the cup. 
  • Put the spinach in first
  • Put in the raspberries and strawberries followed by the pear
  • Put in the ginger
  • Put in the protein powder (if using)
  • Then top it up to the max line with water
  • Blend

Let me know what you think if you try this.



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