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Review - GHD Rose Gold Limited Edition Hair Straighteners

I have solely used GHD hair straighteners for at least the last 13 years (thats nearly half my life!), when I was at university I even used my student loan that was supposed to be used for rent to buy a replacement pair when someone stood on mine as I refused to buy a cheap pair. I am sure that there are brands out their that are just as good but I am just set in my ways and invested in the GHD brand J

When I purchased the new Rose Gold Limited Addition GHD straighteners I didn’t actually need a new pair but I just couldn’t resist getting them. My trusty pair had been going for about 5 years and were still going strong but I really wanted to curl my hair with them. I had convinced myself that due to their age they weren’t smooth enough to curl my hair, so I sold my old pair to a friend. Once I bought the rose gold straighteners and used them I came to realise that this wasn't the case, I am just useless at curling my hair with straighteners! I shouldn’t  have blamed the tools but at least I got a brand new pair out of it!

Putting me being useless to one side this new pair do straighten my hair faster as GHD have made changes to their straighteners in the last 5 years, the blades now pivot when you use them which results in a much smoother stroke... that sounds strange!

In the box you get 2 clips as usual and the bag and roll matt, what I also like is that GHD include a plastic clip/cover for the end of the straighteners. This wasn’t included when I bought them 5 years ago and I love this addition as it makes them easier to transport as they stay closed.

And of course, they just look amazing and I love having them out on my dressing table as they look so pretty.

Overall I am very happy I purchased them even when I didn’t need them. Buy them here

What is your favourite hair tool? Comment below.


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