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Woodhill Hall - A Real Wedding - Emma and Michael

In this new feature, I am going to show you some truly beautiful real weddings and get the brides to answer a few questions about their big day. 
The first is a wedding I was lucky enough to be part of. I have been best friends with Emma since I was little, we have grown up together and she is such a true friend. Thank you, Emma and Michael, for letting me use your wedding photos. 
All photographs were taken by the fantastic Sean Elliot Photography, he was so good my fiance and I booked him for our wedding. 

When did you and your husband meet?

Me and Michael met in science class in high school when we were 14, we got together when we were 16 for a brief time but we were young and it didn't work out. We both then went off to college and years later Michael got in touch with me and asked me out for a drink, we’ve never looked back.

How long were you together before you got engaged and how long were you engaged for?

We got engaged in 2013 so had been together six years at that point. We then got married in September 2014 so we were engaged for a year and a half, this was a good amount of time to get everything sorted for the wedding without rushing it.

How did he propose?

We were on a family holiday in Spain when Michael proposed in a beautiful vintage bar with all our family around, it was out of the blue and the most amazing experience. 

Where were the Stag and Hen Do's?

Michael went to Poland for the weekend and us girls went to Marbella. It was a great weekend I was happy we went away and got some sun, I think the stag was a little wild as well from the little I am allowed to know :-)

Where did you get married?

Woodhill Hall in Otterburn on the 17th September.

How many venues did you visit before you found the one and what made you choose Woodhill Hall?

We looked at hundreds online and we visited 4 venues, we just didn't get that feeling from them and then the minute we started driving up the beautiful driveway at Woodhill Hall we instantly fell in love with the place and the second we stepped inside we knew it was us and where we wanted to get married.

What part of the planning process did you enjoy the most?

Deciding the theme for the centrepieces and choosing flowers this was lots of fun and seeing it all come together on the big day was amazing.

What was the most stressful part of the wedding planning?

Just saving the money up, I enjoyed every part of the planning and money was the only little stress but it all came together in the end.

Who went with you to find your wedding dress?

My mother and the mother of the groom along with some of the bridesmaids, it was hard getting everyone together and I didn't expect to find my dress so quickly, my other bridesmaids came to the fitting to see the dress though.

What was the theme of your wedding?

The them was vintage as we had a tea party instead of a traditional hot meal. Everything was flowers and pastel colours.

Did you do any DIY projects for your wedding?

My Auntie Rose was a massive help with the wedding she made the table plan, favours, bunting, invitations and save the dates. DIY was a huge part of the wedding and I could not of done it without Rose.

Did everything go to plan on the big day?

As I was about to enter the orangery where the ceremony was happening some people started coming out so there was a bit of a panic not to let people see me, but the reason was that 2 birds had flown in and were circling over everyones heads. People tried to get them out with brooms and a fishing rod but eventually I just said to leave them. The reason this was quite fitting is because Michael is a huge bird lover and all our tables were named after birds. Later in the night there was one in the courtyard at the back and it actually sat on my finger, it was magical.

What would you say was nontraditional about your wedding?

We had our dog Scooby at the wedding, he walked down the aisle with my nephews and then sat with the Groomsmen during the ceremony. He was extremely well behaved. Scooby is so important to us it would have been wrong not having him there. 

Where did you go on honeymoon?

Menorca. It was a last minute deal, the wedding was planned so much it was nice for us to do something with only a days notice. When we came back we spent a few days in Bamburgh to try and draw the honeymoon out as much as we could. 

Vendors Used
Flowers - fleurt 
Venue - Woodhill Hall
Event design- Brides Auntie Rose
Caterers - Woodhill Hall
Entertainment – Arco string quartet
Chair covers – Simply Bows
Bridesmaid dresses – Laura lea boutique 
Groomsmen Suites – Waltons


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